Addition update #1

Monday, November 7, 2016

So I realize you all have been holding your breath waiting for this update, right?

I know I have been so excited with all the changes that have been going on!

I can't believe it's been a month since I told you the news that we were adding on!! Where did the time go!?!?

It might have taken longer than we would have liked to get started, but once we did things took off fast. In my first post we only had the footer dug and the stem wall going up, but since then so much has transpired!

This post is way overdue!!! But you will soon be up to date on everything!

 So here is the stem wall going up and a lot of other things including the foundation and plumbing, that you can't see. The foundation was the hardest part to get right and we had lots of inspections in between different stages of it to make sure it was right. It's been so cool getting to see a house being built from the ground up. It gives me such a great picture of Christ as our foundation and each part of the building as the church.

Not only that but our church has been so amazing, truly being the church to us and helping us out with so many aspects of this addition.
 After all the concrete was poured and dried they finally got to work with some wood and started putting up the floor.

 The kids have been making their own structures with all the piles of dirt, concrete and wood. Unfortunately most of this dirt has found it's way into our house but leftover construction supplies really makes the best toys!

 There is always a child perched at the window...watching.

I was pretty amazed that Josh and our contractor made these frame walls and put them up... all in one day!

 The next day they got two more guys to come help and got the third/back wall up!
 I just have to brag on my husband for a little bit. I knew that he was going to be helping out with building our addition because he has a background in construction, but I had no idea how much. If I haven't told you, he is a full time associate pastor at our church. Not only that, but he is a bee keeper and has built our honey business (harris honey)from the ground up, all by himself. In between working at church and beekeeping, he has been building this addition when he gets home from work, on the weekends and taking off a couple days that he saved up here and there. I am just so proud of the gifts that God has given him and that although he is tired and sore at the end of the day he is just so happy to be able to be working hard for us. He is such an amazing husband and father, and the kids and I are so blessed to have him!!

 I don't know all the right words for all that is going on but this is the start of the roof going up.

 You can't see it from here but Josh and the guys finished boarding up the roof and the roofers came the next day and we now have a roof! Those big openings you see are going to be french doors!!!<3

This might just look like a framed in square to you, but it is the window that will be over my kitchen sink!! I have always dreamed of having a kitchen sink looking outside and I am so thankful for this beautiful view; albeit into my neighbor's yard, but I love it! Much better than where my sink is now, looking into a dirty wall with cabinets right over it. I spend hours over this sink everyday but I have a feeling I won't mind as much anymore! 

So this is where we are right now after a month of work. The kids and I could just park outside and watch the guys work but we have tried to stay out of the way, though the boys have been helping when they can. Our kitchen window has been their perch lately, as they look out on all that is taking place.

There is still so much more to do and I am trying not to get anxious, as I feel like a ticking time bomb with this baby due to arrive next month. I so want to skip to the part where the sheetrock goes up and do all the fun stuff like picking out paint, flooring, tile, hardware and appliances. I can't wait to reorganize our living space and bedrooms and get everything ready for the baby, but I am trying my best to hold off my nesting instincts, and just do what I can in the other parts of our home to get things ready.

I can't wait to show you our progress in the next couple of weeks! I am just blown away that they have actually gotten so much done already.

God knew exactly when we needed this to happen and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Not only has the weather been perfect but it hasn't rained at all. Any rain would have been really bad while they were putting up the frame work.

There are so many things I am looking forward to about this addition but one that we absolutely need ASAP, is a another bathroom. Now that Luke is potty trained, someone is always in the bathroom! I kid you not! Everyone always has to do their business at the same time, and someone is always screaming for the other person in the bathroom to hurry up and get out. It is definitely not a place for any of us to escape and have any privacy these days!

Now that the walls are up, it looks so big and I have a feeling that when some of our interior walls are knocked down it's going to feel huge. I think one of the big blessings of learning to live in a small home with so many people and make the most of it, is that any added conveniences are going to be so appreciated, because we have gone without some of them for so long.

I have felt like I have been in a dream state lately. All the days seem to blur together and I feel like I need to wake myself up to the fact that this is really happening. There is so much backstory (that I hope to share with you soon) as to how God allowed this to take place. It really feels like a miracle!

I have been making a video of the whole process as it happens and can't wait to share it with you when everything is done, but until then I have been sharing some videos over on instagram stories if you want to follow me there!

Till the next update!!

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  1. I am sooo excited for you guys!!! Love you!

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  3. These are amazing! I've heard a little about the addition, but these pictures really show just how much extra home space you all will have, and I know that's exciting ;) Also, having lived through a few home renovations, I totally get what you said about the dirt, everywhere, and I can't imagine nesting while all of that is going on, so I'll be praying for your family and you even more. I can't wait to see the video when it's all done!

    1. Thanks so much Kristine!!! I so appreciate your prayers!


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