Why I love to run

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

People are always telling me that I must keep in such good shape running after my kids.(and just so you know I am not in the best shape in the world;)

This is just not true.

Taking care of my kids is a lot of work and I am sure I must burn a few calories constantly picking up after them, but at the end of the day I am zapped of all energy and am not kept in shape by being exhausted by them.

Getting out and running and working out, is what helps me burn calories, keeps me energized and still helps me to fit in my clothes after 5 kids.

I started running when I was around 20. I would run a few laps around my neighborhood and call it a day. Then I started going to a local park that had a mile loop. I started out really slow and slowly but surely made it a whole mile without stopping.

It was hard work.

I didn't love it right away.

I learned a lot about perseverance and keeping my eye on the goal.

Running did not come easy, but over time I have come to absolutely love running.

Here are a few reasons why:

It gets me out of the house

Sometimes I just need a break from my kids, my house and all the noise and chaos. Running forces me to get out of the house, get some fresh air, quiet my soul and helps me to feel more prepared to face whatever the day holds.

It doesn't take that long

I don't have a lot of free time at my disposal. I only have a certain amount of time before my husband leaves for work that I can get out. Depending how fast I am going I can sometimes run out the door and get two miles in around my neighborhood in about 18 minutes or less. If I want to get more miles in I either wake up earlier or go when I know my husband doesn't have to be to work early.

It doesn't require a lot of equipment

All you need to run is some good running shoes and workout clothes. I like to take my ishuffle or phone to track my pace and miles and listen to my favorite music. That is it.

It's free

Though running shoes can be expensive, considering how many miles you can put into them and that you don't have to pay a fee to run outside; I would say running is comparatively free.

It clears my mind, helps me focus and alleviates stress

Running is not the answer to freeing me completely from worry or stress but when I am going through a hard time, it sure helps me get to a better place. As I run I feel my worries dissipate and my mind cleared. Running is proven to release endorphins and leave you feeling happier, more focused and clear headed.(source)

It leaves me feeling energized, motivated and renewed

Instead of feeling tired and drained after running, I feel the opposite. I come home energized to take on the day, motivated to do what lies before me and my mind and soul renewed.

It's my favorite time to spend in worship and prayer with the Lord

Ever since I started running, I pray as I run. I get easily distracted when I try to pray while sitting. My mind wanders and it's hard for me to focus. But when I am out running I somehow am able to tune into the Lord and not get distracted. I also love to listen to my favorite worship songs; worshipping the Lord as my legs run to the beat. I honestly get so pumped up and excited as I move to the music and sing the words in my heart; taking hold of God's promises and claiming them for the prayers and burdens on my heart. Running to music always helps me go faster than I normally would.

It leaves me in awe of God

I know everyone has different times that work best for them to exercise or run. For me it's in the morning before everyone is awake and even before the sun has risen. I am blessed to live in a peninsula within the peninsula of Florida. I can see the sun rising on one side of our city and then go see the sun set on the other side. My favorite place to run is downtown on the water. I try to time it so that I can see the sun rising as I am running.

My breath is always taken away as I see the golden orb rise into the sky, spreading so many beautiful lights and colors through the clouds and sky. I usually have to stop, take a few pictures and take it all in. God always brings scriptures to my mind as I gaze on his glorious handiwork and meditate on his goodness.

I usually take my camera and snap some pics before of after my run. You can check out some of my sunrise pictures on my instagram account. The picture here is one I took.(Though it looks like me running;)

Of course you can stand in awe of God's creation without running, but it really is special when you are out running in it; becoming apart of it.

It can be a great time of solitude or fellowship

I am always around my own people all day, so I personally prefer anytime that I can get alone by myself to just think... or not think. Like I said earlier I also love making running part of my time with the Lord. Just me and him. But I also really enjoy when I can run with a friend. It always goes by so fast and is a great time to catch up while getting some miles in. I am blessed to have some friends that run about the same pace as myself so it's not awkward. Otherwise it can be really uncomfortable to run with someone who is either faster or slower than you.

It's great for accomplishing goals

The great thing about running is that you can do it at your own pace and go as far as you want. Not only is running a great way to lose weight and burn calories but it also builds your stamina and heart rate. I love being able to set goals for myself and go a little bit farther and a little bit faster each time. I have found that setting goals for myself has been a great motivation to helping stay fit.

I have signed for many races over the years and there is nothing like having that goal in front of me to get me going further and faster than I normally would. I have taken part in many 5ks and a few 10ks and also a half marathon. I am still contemplating a full marathon. Someday I would like to do a sprint triathlon. In my season of life I am needed a lot at home, so right now I do what I can and am thankful for how often I am able to get out.

Foremost my main goal is to seek Christ first and as I do that everything else will fall into it's rightful place...even running.

Do you love/hate running? 

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Fitness Goals/ and how I make time to workout with 5 kids!

Monday, May 16, 2016

At the beginning of the year I made some practical goals for myself. I am usually a pretty motivated person(depending on what mood I am in) so I knew these wouldn't be too far out of my reach but would push me a little further then maybe I would go on my own.

I shared with you how I set out to master my goal of meal planning and have been posting my 2 week meal plans and some of our favorite meals. Now that I have that goal under my belt I feel it's high time I share with you my fitness goals.

I honestly have come to love working out. I really like being fit and in shape. I get depressed when I start gaining weight and am not able to fit into my clothes. I also really like to eat. Exercising has not only been a way for me to feel healthy and fit into my clothes, but has been so great for my state of mind and sanity.

I know not everyone feels this way and I want you to know I am not just saying this. I really do thrive on working out. My intention is not to make you feel bad if you don't but to hopefully inspire and encourage you if you have been wanting to start. It is possible!

I really started getting into fitness after I had my first born. My kids have been my greatest motivation! I wanted to lose the baby weight so I started running with him in the baby jogger. Over the years I started running on my own, as you can't fit 5 kids in a jogger and I really just needed a break from them. My husband has been so great to watch them when I go running and has been very supportive.

Though I loved running, I felt like I was missing something and joined a bootcamp. I absolutely loved it! I wished I had started it a lot sooner. I have always been competitive and loved a challenge. It was just what I needed to push me further then I would have pushed myself. The addition of weights and and different exercises brought me to a whole new level.

So I was doing pretty good till last Christmas and that's where I kind of got a little off track. I was still running and working out but not as much as I should. I also started noticing that my metabolism was slowing down. Boo hoo! I couldn't just eat what I wanted anymore and burn it off. I guess that's what happens when you get in your 30's. I was hoping that would never happen but reality set in...in my hips and other places!

So here are my fitness goals that I have been implementing this year:

*Go to Bootcamp regularly and workout at home or run on off days

The bootcamp I attend meets everyday at different times. I have been going to the ones in the early morn at 5:30 am because it gets my day off to a great start, doesn't take away from my family and my husband can always watch the kids;) It meets at those times 3x a week.

On the days it doesn't meet I try to go run on my own or with a friend. I usually do one long run(6 miles) once a week, 4 miles with a friend in the middle and maybe 2- 4 again by myself. We also run usually a mile or 2 every bootcamp.

If I don't make it to boot camp or get to run I usually put in a workout video/ or watch some workouts on the internet. I really like fitnessblender.com They have some great workouts that are either short or long, and they are free! I also have been using the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and some of her other workout videos. I still have to get up early to do these at home because it is pretty much impossible when my kids wake up, though I do it when I just have to. If I haven't gotten in a workout early in the day I might go outside with the kids and bring my weight and mat out there. Since I have worked out so much I usually can just wing it myself, but it is always nice just to have someone to tell you what to do.

All this to say there are many days when things don't go as planned, I feel unmotivated, I just need to sleep in and the circumstances of life take precedence.

 On those days I give myself grace and try to jump back in and start where I can. The thing about exercising that can be frustrating is that if you don't keep up with it, you will fall behind and sometimes feel like you have to start all over again, which is why I really want to focus on maintaining my weight and being consistent.

* Eating more smaller portioned meals and less sweets

Along with what I am doing with my body I know that what I am putting in it is just as important. As my metabolism has been changing I have been trying to cut back on foods that trigger weight gain for me...like ice cream and sweets. I have such a sweet tooth. I don't deprive myself completely but I have been trying to replace treats with a yummy smoothie or shake instead.

I also have been trying to eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of 3 big meals. I find it's better to eat when I am mildly hungry instead of waiting until I am starving. I also find that eating late is a no no for me. I always feel so bad at night when I eat after 7. My husband and I always have loved noshing after the kids go to bed while we watch our favorite show but I know if I want to stay at a good weight I have to change my bad habits. Thankfully my husband has been trying to eat better also so it has been much easier to kick this habit. If we do want something we usually make a smoothie.

Staying fit can be such a great and hard thing to do. Add to that having children and it can be even harder but also greater. I have found that making time for myself to not only exercise but have an outlet, has been key to giving me strength and sanity to do what I have to do as wife and mom. I never ever regret getting up early and working out, but I always regret when I don't.

I hope to share more in depth soon about my love for running and some things that keep me motivated to keep my fitness goals.

Did you make some fitness goals at the beginning of the year?

How do you find time to workout with kids? 

Do you love or hate working out?

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Why I don't want a day off from Motherhood

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother's Day is right around the corner and everyone is busy thinking of the perfect gift to get their mother, wife or grandmother or how they are going to spend their day in luxury.

I honestly haven't given it much thought yet because I have been kind of  busy with well...umm...being a mother. Of course I want to do get something nice for my Mom and Mother-in- law and show them they are appreciated but I don't have huge expectations for myself this Mother's Day.

My husband and kids will I am sure get me something nice and write me some sweet cards which I will treasure forever.

I know a lot of moms are expecting big things. No cleaning, no cooking, no changing diapers, no referring sibling fights. In other words a day off from motherhood. Though a day off from doing these things sounds divine, when it comes down to it I don't really want a day off from motherhood.

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Finding grace as mothers in a world full of pressures to perform

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

There is a lot of pressure on mothers these days to fit into a certain mold.

Do you feel it?

Now more than ever with the rise of social media, our lives are all under scrutiny and judgement. It's unavoidable, unless you are hidden away under a rock somewhere.

Some mothers are confident in who they are and their calling and don't really care what others think and others constantly feel the pressure to attain the unattainable supermom status.

Most mothers fall into 3 categories...

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