5 ways to make the most of you and your kid's time

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Isn't it funny how certain smells, places, sounds, songs etc.. can bring back such vivid memories??

We just received Adventures in Odyssey's latest audio drama,  " Up in the Air" ( 6 Stories of True Friendship and Reconciliation)  it brought me right back to long car rides with my family across the United States!

That was back in the day when we put the station wagon seats down in the car and slept while my Dad drove and we used cassette tapes!

Boy, am I getting old!!

I actually still have those old Adventures in Odyssey cassette tapes and my kids have listened to them as well!!

I  remember driving to Colorado on one of our family trips, where Focus on the Family is based and buying the tapes from their bookstore! Cool, huh!?

Some things never go out of style, like good clean entertainment and Christ and Bible centered stories and lessons!
I received a copy of this Adventures in Odyssey CD and was compensated for my time in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are uniquely my own! 

I cherish those memories with my family and am so excited that I can now share part of my childhood with my kids. It's no surprise that Adventures in Odyssey is still going strong with such quality stories and characters!

A lot has changed in the little town of Odyssey since I was a kid but the moral stories of friendship, courage, forgiveness and love haven't!

As a mother and homeschooler my days are filled to the brim. My days often start with listening to Focus on the Family as I drive to my boot camp in the wee hours of the morning.  I love soaking up the wisdom of the guests that they have on. I will take all the advice on parenting, marriage and relationships I can get!!

When I get home my days don't stop and not only do I have to multitask but I even try have my children make the most of their time also. One way we have been doing that is during our meal and art time. This week I put in " Up in the Air" and the kids and I enjoyed listening to it while we ate and while they colored.

What a great way to make the most of our time!

This Audio drama starts out hilariously as Wooten comes back from his honeymoon but is missing his new bride, Penny!  It turns into a crazy adventure as Whit, Connie and Jason try to put all the missing facts together to figure out what happened to Penny!

All the stories in this volume are about True Friendship and Reconciliation. I think all of us can agree we deal with these same life issues that these characters are dealing with, and need daily reminders in any form to point us to Jesus and applying these qualities to our lives!

The kids and I always get sucked into these extremely well made stories and feel like we are being taken along for the ride on these adventures and mysteries!

Not only are these audio dramas entertaining but they are educational as well as they incorporate important life lessons that we all can learn from; young and old alike!

We have been trying to make this series last as long as possible. It really is a treat!  This volume contains 6 stories that I know we are going to want to listen to over and over again!

Listening to audiobooks, dramas, music and stories and programs is one of my favorite ways to be uplifted, edified, entertained and informed while doing mundane tasks!

Not only do they make these chores that need to be done more enjoyable but I actually look forward to them now!

Here are some other ways I like to make the most of my time:

1. Listening to worship music or podcast (here's a great one)while do the dishes or folding laundry or cleaning. 

2. Reading out loud to my kids while they color, paint or draw.

3. Listen to worship/ praise music while I run/ walk. 

4. Playing soothing music while we do school. 

5. Playing some fast fun music to get my kids excited to clean and also set a timer! 

I hope these tips were helpful to you if you have been trying to make the most of your time also!

Finding ways to make our everyday tasks more enjoyable and educational doesn't have to be more time consuming or complicated!

It can be as easy as turning on the radio or putting on a CD!

I never get tired of gaining wisdom and encouragement from those who have paved the way before me and applying them to my life! I have about 5 books on my night stand that I am constantly picking up and a list of programs and podcasts to listen to as I need an extra dose of inspiration to get me through the day!

What are some ways you like to multitask?

Did you grow up listening to Adventures in Odyssey? I would love to hear!

Be sure to enter Focus on the Family's giveaway! They are giving away 30 of these CD's!!! ( U.S. Residents only!

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