Repurposing cereal boxes into school work boxes

Friday, September 12, 2014

Problem: piles and piles of paper, drawings, math problems, scribbles, ,A,B,C's, masterpieces...and no where to put them! This homeless clutter usually ends up in a huge mountain on the school desks at the end of the day. I always intend to file them away in their notebooks, but as with many things in life my good intentions don't  always see the light of day.

The solution: find a place to put them all! I have tried many ways of organizing all this unwanted clutter but everything always ends up back in tornado mode all over the school room. Finally a light bulb went on in my little brain as I was staring at the cheerios box on the table,  while I was.. you guessed it...eating a bowl full of cheerios!

 Behold...the lowly cheerios box: full of cheerios but when empty full of untapped potential.

 It was so simple yet so profound! Why don't I turn these cereal boxes into storage boxes? I got the kids to each decorate a box with their name on it.  They went to it and did a great job all by themselves. I can take no credit for their works of art!

Here is the school room before having a home for each of the kids paper work:

 Here it is after: Ahhhh....much better! Now its ready for tomorrow where we will do this all over again.

I love that this was something that the kids could do on their own that was creative, functional and showed them what it means to repurpose!

Now at the end of the day instead of throwing everything into a pile and having to sort through it at the end of the week, I can tell the kids to put each of their papers in their own boxes! Less work for me is always good!

Have you found other clever ways to organize with cereal boxes?

How do you organize your kids schoolwork and papers?

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