Out and About: Chalk Art Walk and Exploring our Downtown

Saturday, November 7, 2015

I shared last week about our trip to the Museum of Fine Arts. After the museum we went to the Chalk Art walk which I saved to share today. The kids and I were amazed at the chalk creations and how they transformed the sidewalks. I have to admit I don't envy the chalk artists life. They are a tough breed. It was brutally hot outside and all their hard work could be ruined in minutes if it rained.(which it did that night) I would much rather create something that would last but some of the artists I talked to have been doing this all their life so I guess they must enjoy it.

We were given tickets to use for voting on which chalk art we like the best. We chose the blue heron. They had chalk for the kids to use and they were very inspired by the professionals. Thankfully Luke was inspired to take a nap!

On our walk  back to our van we took a last look at our pier which is being torn down for a new one. It has been an iconic landmark here for years and was a point of controversy as to tearing it down or not and then what to put in it's place. I think the city has finally decided on what to replace it with. I am excited about it as I wasn't to crazy about the old one. 

We truly live in such a beautiful place. Our whole county is a peninsula, so pretty much any way you go you will run into the water. We have bad areas like everywhere else but the downtown is really gorgeous. It's right on Tampa Bay and has the best view of the sun rising in the morning. 

If you are ever in Florida and want to visit a great place you really need to check out St.Petersburg or as we call it St.Pete. Most of our weekends are filled with cleaning, preparing for the school week, birthday parties and family get togethers but I love it when we are able to leave the dirty dishes and laundry and get out and explore. I am trying to get used to taking them out all by myself when Josh is away and I have to say that sometimes it's way easier than staying inside with all their craziness.

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  1. Wow you really do live in a truly stunning place. Some of the chalk art is incredible. People are so talented. I agree the heron is amazing!!! Your little ones chalk art looked really good too. They definitely have an artistic flair! What a beautiful waters edge. It looks so peaceful and so vibrant. Thank you so much for sharing this with us on #whatevertheweather xx

    1. Yes, its a great place to live, especially if you like warm weather:)

  2. Wow! That chalk art is amazing! The 3D quality of the faces is stunning, I didn't realise chalk could give so much detail. Your children's fish are very good too, were they drawn from memory? A gorgeous spot as well, right by the sea for fantastic views over the water. You certainly live in a fantastic area.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather :) x

    1. Yes, my sons love to draw fish and can draw just about any of them from memory:) Yes, we love it here:)


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