Life lately in pics: Free Museum Day

Sunday, October 25, 2015

A couple of weeks ago our city had free museum day. I have always wanted to go but was afraid to brave the crowds by myself with the kids. Josh hates crowds and was busy that weekend but I decided to go for it, since it would be pretty expensive otherwise to take them all. And you know the saying, "If its free, it's for me!" 

I was hoping to make it to the museum of fine arts and the history museum but we didn't make it past the museum of fine arts. There was also a chalk art walk that we visited which I'll share pictures of soon.  After the museum, chalk art walk and over a mile walk back to our car; we were all ready to go home.

Thankfully we only had one melt down from Luke and then he fell asleep as we were leaving the museum.  

They all did really good in the museum despite Luke not wanting to go in the stroller and letting out a few loud screams. I had brought snacks and water bottles in hopes of keeping him quiet but the people that worked there, soon confiscated them:(

There were some really nice volunteers that took the kids and I aside and shared with us some interesting details about the sculptures and art.

Luke just kept saying "WOW!" every time we entered a new room. Some people thought it was cute and others definitely gave us some looks of disdain. 

Elisabeth Lige'e- Lebrun Julie as Flora roman goddess of flowers 1799
Richard Hall 1884 Gathering at church entrance
Jules Joseph Lefebrvre portrait of Julia Foster Ward 1880
Leon Bonnat 1833 Precious moments
Jimmy Ernst Sea of Grass 1982
Georgia O'Keefe poppy 1927

Peter Sarkisian Extruded video engine II
Wilhem Morgner 1910 untititled
Henri Lebasque still life peonies

I am so proud of my little artists. They have really developed a love for art. Their talents are always amazing me. Israel has taken a few art classes but it's evident his artistic gift is God-given. I think he appreciated the museum the most and was amazed at how lifelike the paintings were. The kids went back and forth a few times trying to figure out if some of them were paintings or photographs.

Some of the more modern works of art were quirky and imaginative but I have to say we all really loved the older paintings. We are really lucky to have such famous paintings right here in our home town museum, from Monet to Matisse. 

The younger ones might have been a little too young to appreciate all the culture and beautiful art. Ellie's favorite part was jumping in the elevator. We tried remodeling the girl with the baby boy but Luke just wasn't into it.

Ideally I would have liked to just have taken the three older ones but I am so glad we went and we all really did enjoy the experience. I hope to take them again next year but hopefully get a babysitter for Luke next time...

Do you jump at the chance to get anything for free?

Are you a lover of art? 

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  1. Awesome! We love museums and free days are even better! There are some beautiful paintings in this gallery. Visiting from #BusyDoingLife

  2. I think you are quite right to make the most of them while they are free, nothing worse than paying a lot of money and the children do not enjoy it. Glad they enjoyed the experience, but what a shame the staff took the bottles and snacks off of you. #Busydoinglife

  3. How fun! Homeschooling at its best! :) Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. Free field trips are the best!


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