Practical Gifts for Father's Day

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I don't know if I have told you but not only do I have the best husband in the world but my kids have the best Dad. Before we were even married, I knew he was Dad material. He does everything with our kids. Fishing, hunting, gardening, baseball, skateboarding, skimboarding, snuggling... he does it all. I am beyond thankful that the kids have such an amazing Dad that is so involved in their lives. He really was born to be a Dad.

I shared earlier this week about what husband's really want for Father's Day but today I thought I would share some practical things they would like also. I am all about practical gifts. Though I like jewelry and flowers; when my husband gets me something I really need I do not complain; as long as it comes with a nice card.  Heartfelt words are what make my day and melt my heart. I know my husband also appreciates receiving things he needs also. So the kids and I went on amazon and picked out a few things we know he will need and like.

If you are a last minute shopper like I tend to be and don't like shopping amazon prime is the way to go. I am really excited that we can even get free one day shipping in our area!

I hope you are inspired to find some things your deserving husband or Dad could use also!

Travel Coffee Mug

He loves his coffee in the morning but when he is running late I put it in one of our mugs and they are really not conducive to traveling. So I know he could really use this.

4 Port USB charger

We do not have a lot of outlets in our house. So the one USB charger we have is in high demand. The kids and I often unplug Josh's phone to charge the kindle in it. I know it has been a pet peeve of his to find his cord unplugged from the charger and have to rummage around at night to plug in his phone. Yes, this is very practical.

Mini Farming Book

I am so proud of all of the research that Josh has put into our garden. It is amazing all that he has figured out to do by reading and and making his own discoveries. If he has something set on his mind to do, he does it. I never knew I married a farmer but I am so glad I did. Though there is so much information at our fingertips online I think he would appreciate this tangible book, I know the kids and I would have fun pouring over it also.


Josh is outdoors a lot, especially out on the boat and at the beach. His last pair of sandals fell apart a long time ago and he has been in need of some for a while but he just hasn't gotten around to going out and buying some so I know he will really appreciate these.

Hunting baseball cap

Josh has had a lot of hunting hats. But for some reason they are all always disappearing or have been worn ragged. Hats are something he can always use; hunting or not.

Church shirt

Josh always needs nice shirts for when he preaches on Sundays.

Though I know Josh will appreciate some new things that he needs that he wouldn't normally buy for himself; he will be happy to just be with his family...being a Dad.

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  1. Rebekah, these are some great gift idea! And I do love Amazon Prime because I'm always doing something at the last minute! Home it's a great Father's Day for your husband and family! Blessings!

  2. Customary blessings like a wallet, a tie, or another shirt are alright, yet imagine a scenario in which you need to make them something unique, diverse, and energizing. fathers day ideas


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