What Husbands really want for Father's Day

Monday, June 15, 2015

After I married my husband I realized I knew nothing about men... We are so different! Shocker, I know! But really there are so many things we do have in common. Basically we desire the same things out of life, out of our relationships. We want to be loved, appreciated and respected. Yes, we like celebrating special occasions and being treated royally at times but little acts of love, kindness and humility go a long way in the everyday. 

I love getting gifts, but honestly I love the thought behind a gift even more than the gift itself. When my husband gives me a gift that he knows I would really like; it means so much to me. When he makes plans for us to go on a date; it means the world to me that he was thinking of me and wants to spend time with me. His is the opinion that matters the most to me and his words of appreciation and love are all the praise I need.

I think the same goes for husbands and Dad's also. They just want to know that we are thinking of them and want to spend time with them. They want us to show interest in what they are interested in. Though every Dad needs new underwear, socks and shirts what they really need and want is to be shown affection. How many times do we go out of the way to show someone else they are special but neglect our spouses? Sometimes it's easy to take the one you love the most for granted. Just like our children need us to look them in the eyes, to listen and to praise them; so do our husbands. I am not a pro by any means at being a great wife or mom but I have found in the eleven and a half years I have been married, that the best thing I could give my husband for Father's Day is my time, my respect, my affection and my attention.

I don't know about your husband's but mine is so hard to buy things for. If he wants something he just goes and buys it himself. Even though I feel the kid's and I should get him something what he really wants is some good food and good company with us. I am blessed beyond measure to have a husband who wants to be with his wife and kids. I love that he loves coming home to us

This Father's Day the kids and I will make him cards and we probably will buy him something. I will make him his favorite food and dessert; because we all know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach( well one of the ways;) and I know that just being loved and appreciated by his children and his wife is all he really wants on Father's Day and everyday.

"Let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband." Ephesians 5:33

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  1. The Lord certainly has blessed you. :-)

    Thank you for sharing your insights on "What husbands want on Father's Day". The Lord has been convicting me in those very areas that the busyness of life have tended to take away.

    Thanks for spurring me on. :-)

  2. Yes, he has! So glad you were encouraged!

  3. So true! We make a special scrapbook page from each of the kids each year. Pictures, ask them questions about dad, etc. I put them in a big Fathers Day book. I know it means a lot to him, I wish I had something like that ;) But we can both remember through it.

    Thanks for sharing and linking up with Favorite things Friday! Your blog is always a joy to read :) Hope to see you again this week!

  4. They want love and affection no matter how tough they may be. :D
    Happy Father's Day to the important men in your life.

  5. We always cook his favorite meals and desserts; I know the way to my husband's hear is definitely through his stomach! I always let the boys pick out their own father's day gifts and then we set aside time to do something fun together as a family.


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