Transitioning into our new space + Rug Pad Review

Monday, April 24, 2017

After our addition was finished, I couldn't wait to put everything back together and make it our home again. It feels like we have moved a couple of times as we are transitioning into our new spaces and rooms. It's been such a huge blessing but there is still so much to do! (Picture boxes of stuff I didn't know we had or why, that I now have to put somewhere)

The whole dynamic of our living space has changed... for the better. It's so much fun fixing everything up, but it's exhausting also. I still feel like I am cleaning up construction dust. I can't tell you how many trips I have made to the thrift store. You would think that now that we have more space there would be a place for everything, but I am finding myself wanting to simplify even more and truly question what I bring into our home.

Notice: This is a sponsored post for RUG PADS USA. All thoughts and opinions are uniquely my own. 

Since half of our house is brand new, I am trying to get the other half not looking so drab. My head has been spinning with all the projects that have to be done and that I want to do. I am trying not to get overwhelmed and tackle one thing at a time. And of course there is this little thing called money.

Why do I have to have such expensive taste?

I also have to remind myself that I did just have a baby and that I can only do so much. It's so hard though when I see all the projects that need to be done.

One of the first things I did was order a new rug for our living room.( after I asked Josh if it was okay;)

The rug we had before was not the coziest to lay on and all the dirt would go right through it. It was also a pain to clean. That might be because our old vacuum broke and I literally took the rug outside and shook it. I know with 6 kids and a husband, dirt will always be an inevitable problem, but I am trying to get sneaky and smart about the choices I make for our home.

You can be sure before my new awaited rug arrived, I went online and ordered a heavy duty dirt sucking  new vacuum. (again, thank you honey)

With all the wear and tear we put on things, I am trying to make sure I am investing in pieces that will last, not just buying them because they are cheap. If you have boys you know what I mean. Why are boys so destructive!?!?

When I was trying to decide which kind of rug I was going to buy, I tried to keep in mind that it would indeed eventually get dirty. Though I often fool myself into thinking that things will stay the way they look when I bought them. I wanted to find something that would hide the dirt as much as possible, while still being aesthetically pleasing to the eye and fit my style.

I was so excited when I found a rug that I knew would work for our family. After I bought it, I wanted to find a rug pad also to protect our floor and make it more comfortable for all the living that would happen on that carpet.

Of course the first week we got the rug, Luke christened it by peeing and throwing up on it. ;( You know just the normal stuff! Nothing that a little elbow grease and cleaning solution couldn't remedy.

As our rug was being shipped to our house, I was contacted by Rug Pad USA.

How did they know!?

I have to say I was a little disappointed when I realized it wasn't Rugs USA, asking if they wanted me
to review their rugs, as rugs are a bit more pricey then rug pads. But as I did indeed need a rug pad, I was happy to be asked to review their pads. The last pad I purchased ruined a portion of our wood floors, so I really was excited to get a product that would protect our floors, not harm them. And their prices really are very reasonable!

Unlike most rug pads which are made out of PVC, plastic and are filled with toxic chemicals. Rug Pads USA are all made with ECO-friendly materials and made right here in the USA from ethical sources; hence the USA part.

I picked out the Contour Lock pad for wood floors. I told them the size of my rug and they cut it to fit my rug's exact dimensions.  It arrived very soon after I ordered it. I couldn't wait to get my rug down on the floor! The first thing the kids asked me was, why I was putting the rug pad down first and what it was for.  I explained to them that rugs usually need a pad to go under them to protect the floor and give it more cushion for walking and playing on.

Ellie explained it best, " It's like underwear for the carpet!" Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Something that no one else sees, but is a very vital part of your wardrobe;P I love how kids think!

We have had the new rug and rug pad for over a month now and I am so happy with my choices! Not only does the rug still look brand new and hide everything, but the rug pad has definitely made it even better. I love getting down on the floor with Ahava and the kids now. There is just something about a sweet baby lying on the floor.

Not only is the extra padding super comfy but not one iota of  dirt has gotten under the rug; which has been a pet peeve of mine in the past. Because who really wants to be taking up your rug all the time to shake it out and sweep piles of dirt from under it?  Not this mama!
It's amazing how our new rug(and rug pad) has transformed our living space. It adds so much color and pattern to it. It just makes the room feel whole and welcoming! And though we might not see the rug pad, we feel it, and it makes a big difference. Like Ellie concluded; it's like a good pair of underwear, that you forget is there but is obviously vital!

 As you can see we do a lot of living (and sleeping) on our carpet. Since our couch is getting too small for all of us, it makes do as another spot to sit. Now all we need is a new couch! Ha! It's always something!

Use the code  REBEKAH123 to take an additional 5% off Rug Pad USA's ongoing sales! Cause you know I'm all about the sales, especially when they are for quality products! This code will last for a month from today!

What are some ways you are making your home inviting and comfortable?

Do your kids destroy everything also?

Do your struggle with making decisions for the products you bring into your home?

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