DIY Child size Sling

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I love having a daughter! She wants to do everything just like me!

With the birth of her brother about 3 years ago, she had a new found love for all things baby.

 I always wear my babies in slings. My sling is my all time favorite baby essential. It truly is a life saver. I can get so much more done, all while keeping my baby snug and happy in my arms.

Ellie also has her babies to take care of and I knew she would love a sling of her own. I have made slings for myself in the past and knew that I could make her a little version of mine. There are so many different variations of slings out there but this kind is my favorite for newborns.

I actually made this sling and took the pictures about 2 years ago! I can't believe how much Ellie has grown but I am happy to say that she still uses her sling and it is still in tact! I am not sure I can say the same for her baby doll. Having 4 brothers who destroy everything is not the best environment for baby dolls.

I made this for a Christmas present for Ellie 2 years ago, and as Christmas is fast approaching again I know that it would be a great gift for some of you to make for your mini me! ( If you are so inclined to be a little crafty.)

I promise that this is absolutely the easiest sewing tutorial! You just can't mess up! Believe me I am not the best seamstress and I only attempt easy these days!

Here's what you'll need:

*1/2 yard of two different patterned fabric. =(1/4 yard of each pattern) Or you could do the same pattern. It's up to you, but they need to be cut up so that you can sew them together. You can adjust it to your child. Mine ended up being about 40 inches in length to fit Ellie who was 4 at the time.
*sewing machine
*measuring tape


1. Double fold edges of fabric at length and width on the edges.

2. Pin right sides together. Leave a few inches unpinned.

3. Sew together.
4. Trim sewed edges and pull through opening.                                                                                                                          

5. Reinforce stitching by sewing around edges of the whole sling about an inch.                                  
6. Iron
7. Overlap bottoms, pin together and sew about 2-3 inches wide across the width back and forth.  Make sure to backstitch to reinforce stitching.
You are done! Now all you have to do is fold it in half (length wise)and let your little mommy fling it over her shoulder and slide her baby in!

As you can see mommy and baby are very happy with the new sling! With the soon to be arrival of a new sibling, I have a feeling this sling will be seeing even more use!

I hope this tutorial was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!

Do you love baby wearing?

What kind of sling is your favorite?

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