Free and Cheap things to do during the summer with your family

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summer is almost upon us; which means for many that school is out and schedules and routines will be changing.

There is so much to do with your family in the summer that you might not normally do during the school year. Whether your kids are in public or private school, you homeschool, or homeschool year round, you are going to probably have totally different activities planned because of the weather and resources available.

My family and I live in Florida and it can feel like a perpetual summer sometimes. There usually isn't a day that the sun doesn't make an appearance. My family and I love being outdoors and taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

Because of the heat and humidity here in Florida during the summer, we like to take more time off of school during the cooler months and fit in a little school during the summer. We mostly will be focusing on the three R's. Though we will be still doing some school, there are plenty of summer activities that we are looking forward to taking part of, especially those that include cool water and air conditioning!

Looking for some great ways to spend time with your family this summer, stay cool and not break the bank? 

Check out my post at Creative Home Keeper and dive into summer fun!

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