First Trimester of Pregnancy Symptoms

Monday, June 27, 2016

I have never understood how there are women who give birth and never even knew they were pregnant. If that was you I am sorry, but it just doesn't make any sense to me. There are so many symptoms that you experience throughout all of pregnancy that would just be abnormal otherwise.

Over the years I have come to be very in tune with my body.  I usually know right away when I am pregnant.  There are so many little tale tell signs that I just can't ignore. I have had a lot of pregnancies so I do know what to look for.

The first thing that always gives it away is a missed period. I am always right on schedule, so to be a few days or a week late is of course a sure sign. I know that there are many though with sporadic periods that would make it hard to know for sure.

Vivid Dreams

Before I took a test I had a feeling I was pregnant because I was having vivid dreams that  I remembered. I hardly ever remember my dreams normally so this did cause me to wonder if I was pregnant.

Fast growing/ healthy nails and hair

I have a bad habit of picking my nails. I don't bite them but it's just as bad. I don't give them that much time to grow. When I am pregnant I can literally feel them growing. I have been really good at leaving them alone lately. My hair has also been looking a lot more healthy and shiny. So that's a big perk for pregnancy.

Break outs

A not so great 1st trimester side effect is breaking out a lot. I have always been prone to breaking out but even more so in my first trimester and during periods. After the 1st trimester my skin always clears up.

Heightened sense of smell

Not only do I smell more strongly than usual but everyone else smells too. When I am in a crowded place all the smells seem to waft to my nose. Perfumes, B.O, stinky feet all smell even stronger. And don't get me started on food. I almost threw up when my husband was cooking fish the first few weeks of my pregnancy, and I love fish!

Bloated Tummy/ swollen breasts

Some women can hide that baby inside them for what seems like months, not me. My tummy pops out right away. I know of course it's not the baby filling me all up but I sure do get bloated. With every baby I seem to show a little earlier. When I start to lose the baby weight, wouldn't you know the first thing to go is my breasts; during pregnancy though they swell up right away.

Weight gain

Not only does my abdomen start to swell but so does everything else.(mainly my hips, thighs and my backside;) I gain a lot of weight in the first trimester. It's like my body starts storing fat in case of a famine. I also get very hangry if I don't eat when I start to feel hungry. I am very blessed to not get very sick during my pregnancies. As long as I eat throughout the day I am pretty much good to go. It's a price I am willing to pay for carrying a new life inside of me;)

Nausea/all times of day

The first trimester is when most women experience nausea. To many unfortunate women it's all of pregnancy. I am one of the lucky few who only get it slightly. In many of my pregnancies I would feel so sick that I wouldn't want to eat and then would throw up at any time of day. There is no such thing as morning sickness. It should be called all day sickness because it can really hit you at any time. Many times I would have to force myself to eat some cheerios or crackers to help stay the nausea.


I usually get insomnia really bad the last month of pregnancy but this pregnancy I got it right away. I would wake up at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep till around 5:( I would try so hard to stay up as late as I could so I wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night. It's so horrible to want to sleep and not be able to.


Insomnia of course leads to me being really tired during the day. On nights when I don't get much sleep I usually try to get a nap in if I can. When I am not pregnant I can't take a nap to save my life. The kids are too noisy, I have too much on my mind to do and I just can't fall asleep, but when I am pregnant all of that goes out the door. The kids will still be noisy and somehow I will just crash and sleep through it all. I love being able to take naps especially when Luke my 2 year old sleeps with me. It's so nice to sleep soundly and deeply! When I don't have insomnia it's hard for me to stay up past 9pm. Try as I might I pass out.

Foggy brain

I have been getting more forgetful over the years but this first trimester I have been really bad; totally forgetting appointments, get togethers and things I was supposed to do. I space out very easily and have to really pay more attention lately. Of course I have a really good excuse for not being all with it. I am growing a life inside of me!!!


One of the first things that changes for me with pregnancy is my food cravings. I immediately start craving greasy burgers, french fries and coke, and pizza. I hardly ever drink coke or crave hamburgers but pregnancy changes everything. It seems like a lot of women try to start eating more healthy when they become pregnant; not me. I also just want anything salty like pickles or chips. I always have a sweet tooth but during pregnancy it abandons me, which is probably a good thing since I am eating more fatty foods.

I do crave healthy foods also. I have really been enjoying lots of salads and smoothies lately. In the mornings I usually want some carbs or proteins.

 I have only started drinking coffee regularly this year and really look forward to my morning indulgence but when pregnancy hit, coffee was dead to me. I had no desire whatsoever to drink it.

Constantly having to go potty

These days I have to go to the bathroom constantly. I will go and then have to go five minutes later. I am trying to drink a lot of water but my bladder just can not hold it for very long at all. I always try to be conscious of the nearest bathroom when I am out so I can make a quick escape. Night time is the worst. I get so thirsty so I keep water near my bed but I am up 2 to 3 times.


All it takes is one sappy or sad scene on t.v. and I am a goner; the tears start flowing and it's hard to stop. I am already a very emotional person, but I am ten times worse during pregnancy.


I already have a super hard time making decisions normally but when I am with child it's 10 times worse.  I pretty much just have to pick something and stay with it or I will feel like a yo yo going back and forth between the options.

Feeling Blah/Unmotivated

All the motivation and ambition I usually have goes straight out the window the first trimester. I have to literally force myself off the couch to get anything done.

Excited and Anxious

It's so exciting to think that we are going to have a new little person as a part of our family soon! I often visualize holding that brand new little baby and dreaming about it's sweet newborn smell and all the wonderful things about babies but I also get a little anxious also. I know all too well that things can go wrong during pregnancy and don't want to take for granted that everything will go perfectly. I have really had to give it to God and just trust him with this little life and know that no matter what he is ultimately in control!

As you can see carrying a little life inside of you changes a lot of things but it's absolutely the best reason to go through all these changes and so so worth it!!

For those of you who have been through this I am sure you can relate to some of my symptoms and to those of you who are still waiting for that day to arrive...look how much you have to look forward to!;)

Every woman and pregnancy is different but it just boggles my mind that God created us to grow another human inside of us! It really is such a miracle.

I haven't always embraced all of my pregnancies.  I have often been selfish with my body and disliked all the changes going on, but this pregnancy especially God has given me so much grace and joy in carrying this new life. I have realized anew how it is such a blessing to be pregnant and have a healthy baby. I never want to take it for granted again. Life is the most precious thing on earth and I am so privileged not to have only carried one but now 9 ( 5 live births, 3 miscarriages) little babies inside of me!

Do enjoy being pregnant or struggle with it?

Are you in your first trimester? 

What are some symptoms you have experienced?

Can you relate to any of mine?

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  1. Well, I'm right there write you for almost all of these symptoms, and this pregnancy is the same as my first one so far. Coffee became a major trigger for nausea with me, and it was SO hard to give up this time, because of the enjoyment (and necessity for waking up). I can finally drink it again, now that I'm not feeling so nauseous.
    I was wondering if you keep working out while you're pregnant? I know lots of people do, but am curious if you have any tips.

  2. It's so sad not to want coffee. I miss it. I am also starting to have it once in a while. I was planning on writing a post soon about working out during pregnancy;)

  3. Oooh, I almost forgot about some of these! I was so emotional - and forgetful - and tired... so very, very tired.

    Very excited for you though - I can't wait to "meet" this baby!

    Wishing you a lovely evening.

  4. so remember each of these symptoms I noticed these at times before I knew I was pregnant
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  5. First trimester is The Worst thing Ever, for me! I'm a goner, really, pretty much the entire first trimester. Maybe if we're blessed with a third (or more) child(ren) it won't be so bad but these first two I was basically useless. I don't have naseau, I have all out illness, can't keep anything down, have no desire for anything, can't move, can't stay awake for more than about 2 hours, can barely think and have a coherent conversation. It's terrible, really. And I'm Always secretly envious of women whose first trimester are much easier, like you! And somehow you give me hope that one day it may not be so bad for me :)

    Congrats on your newest little adventure and blessing! I wish you (and Baby) very Very well the whole while! :D

    1. I am so sorry you have such a hard time during the first trimester!:( My mom was the same way. I remember praying as a child I wouldn't get sick like here! I pray that if you get pregnant again it won't be as bad.

  6. The hardest part for me has been nausea. I started out only being sick for 3 months. With baby 7, I was sick for 4 months. I have become intimate with my toilet bowl.

    I also have had to urinate frequently. That's usually the first sign. . . before even the missed period.

    I feel guilty for dreading each pregnancy. .. not because of the baby (I'm fine with that). . . but because of the first trimester mostly.

    1. Oh boy Jody that's so hard! I am sure I would dread it also if I got that sick. You are a trooper!

  7. With both of my pregnancies I was so so tired in the first trimester, and of course sick. I was so glad once I moved to the 2nd trimester things got better. Thanks for linking up with us at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party this week. Happy 4th of July!

  8. I have to admit that I didn't enjoy either of my pregnancies as much as I thought I would. I always wanted to have kids and thought pregnancy would be a magical time, but it's not, most of the time. lol
    I have to say I'm a weird pregnant person and never really craved anything crazy. It was sweet stuff in general with my first daughter and I had a thing for cheeseburgers at first with my second.

  9. Thank you for sharing your experience with Mommy Moments last week! This was the top viewed link and will be featured in the link up tomorrow :) Congrats on your sweet baby on the way!

  10. Oh my goodness; you described the first trimester so perfectly! You brought me right back to my last pregnancy! I remember constantly craving icecream:-). I would send my husband out late at night to get it for me! :-)

    Blessings to you; visiting from Women with Intention :-)

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