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Saturday, February 13, 2016

I couldn't let Valentine's Day pass without at least reflecting upon love a little bit and giving you this reminder of what love is really all about. I feel like we toss the word love around so flippantly without even thinking about it. I love ice cream. I love those new shoes. I love your hair. I love that picture. And that's okay. But I feel that in our culture love is defined by a mushy love scene in a movie, chocolates, roses, a crush, physical affection, butterflies in our stomach. And those are all great, but are not the definition of love. Though we do feel love; love is not a feeling. Love is an action.

I feel like God must be looking down at us sometimes thinking as Inigo Montoya(from the iconic Princess Bride) phrases so cleverly, 
                               "I do not think that word means what you think it means."

The true definition and measure of love is... perfect blood spilled out on a painful cross.

Love is... forgiving those that don't deserve forgiveness.

Love is... showing kindness even when it isn't received back.

Love of yourself without expecting anything in return.

Love is...choosing to do what is right even though it is easier to do what is wrong.

If you are reading these words and thinking, " I don't love like that." Don't worry, none of us do naturally. Our ability to love can only go so far, but through Jesus we can do the impossible. He is the only one who loves perfectly and can fill us with his love to love others like he does.

I need to be reminded every day what true love is. The best reminder I know comes from God; who is love and is the author of love. I made this printable to hopefully inspire you and I this Valentine's Day, and every day to remember what true love really looks like.

---->Love is... printable 


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