My goals for 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

I honestly love setting goals and making plans. I feel like if I write my goals, hopes and dreams down, I will be more likely to accomplish them and be intentional with my time. Really, I set goals for myself everyday, not just on New Year's.  I love making lists and planning ahead. My mind often gets overwhelmed when I think of all that I have to do; which often results in me forgetting important events and deadlines. Not good. When I empty my brain onto paper or computer; I all at once feel like a burden has been lifted and I can accomplish all (or at least some) of the things that I have and want to do. Of course some of the goals I have set for myself in the past have not seen the light of day, but that's okay. I don't feel like I am a failure if I have not crossed them off my list. I have been learning to do what I am able. If God wants me to do more than I can he will open the doors and give me the grace and strength.

I have laid out my goals in different categories and I wasn't even planning on them starting with the same letter. I might have stretched the last one though.

I hope to elaborate on these posts in the future and let you know how I am meeting or not meeting my goals. Sharing them with you will be a great accountability booster!


My prayer and goal every day is to seek God first in all I do. Without spending time in his word; pouring out my heart to him and listening to his voice; I know I will not be able to do anything.

Somedays I find myself putting everything else before God but I know that he has so much grace for me. He sees my heart and still hears me and speaks to me throughout the day as I care for my family. My #1 goal/ heart's cry is to know him more and make him known. I really want to focus on him as I go about my day; being sensitive to his spirit so that I can be obedient to him.

One of my goals for the year is to get back into Woman's Bible study group. I have attended and hosted many but I had to stop last year as I entered a busy season. I feel the Lord leading me to join or start one soon and am excited to go deeper in the word and deeper fellowship with Godly women.


I love my family so much, but boy do they keep me going from sun up to sun down. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all that is required of me and lose my joy in caring for them. I want to be more intentional about giving them the attention they need without getting frustrated at the same time. This of course is only going to come about by much prayer and diligence.


I am kind of a workout nut. I am one of those rare people that love to workout.(which has only come about because of lot of hard work and perseverance.) I still go through times though when I need a little extra motivation and push. During the holiday season I kind of got out of my routine and I am ready to get back to business. I have really enjoyed being a part of a boot camp. I love that it has regular times every week that I know I can hop in on when I can. When you have little ones that do not stick to a regular sleep schedule it can be hard to commit to meet up with others sometimes. The boot camp meets 3 mornings a week at 5:30 am. I have kind of been hit or miss, so I really want to start showing up regularly. On the off days I sleep in or go running.

I am hoping to sign up for a few races this year and maybe even a triathlon. There is nothing like having a committed date and money invested, to get you motivated.


We are desperately trying to save up for a much needed big project and I know there are a lot of areas that I need to cut back spending. I know the best way for me to save money is not to spend money. Easier said than done. I tend to make sporadic buys just because I see something I like. That means I need to stay away from Target, Marshalls and TJ Maxx. My spending nemesis'. If I don't see it, I won't need it!


I have been very inconsistent in the meal planning department this year. One way that I know will help save us a lot of money is to be more consistent in meal planning. There is nothing worse that to hear, "I am hungry" coming from 5 mouths; only to find you have nothing to feed them and you don't feel like cooking. My goal this year is to stay on track with meal planning. I meal planned this last week and stuck to it and it was one of the best weeks ever! I planned out our meals, shopped for all the food we needed and actually made the meals. It was AMAZING! I need to keep this up!


As we start a new semester of school this year, I really want to be focused on giving my kids the best education that I can. Homeschooling is not easy, but I have found that when I turn my eyes off of myself and on to Jesus; he gives me everything I need to do this well. I may not feel qualified or know exactly what I am doing but as I invest myself fully in teaching my children, I find that God's grace is enough.

What are your goals for the year?

Do you like making lists and goals?

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  1. Visiting here from Strangers & Pilgrims :)

    You've certainly got your hands full with 5 little ones... and I know that there are many days you may feel you have "failed" in not meeting your resolutions... but know this, the TIME that you are spending and giving to them is far better than any resolution you may have made that gets broken. Do your best for your little ones, and your husband, and don't fret if it all doesn't get done in one day that needs to get done, there's always tomorrow!

    A little tip that has helped me with meal planning - I have a list of favorite meals our family enjoys, and the meals consist of simple basic ingredients that I keep on hand at all times. We have a freezer full of venison, and a half-side of a cow, and buy Zaycon chicken so I have access to whatever meat I need all the time. I look at my basic list of meals that our family likes each week, and plan how to cook once and eat twice through those (roast beef one night, shepherd's pie the next, etc). This saves a lot of time and effort on my part. I hope this helps you, and pray the Lord's blessings on your life in all you are doing! :)

    1. yes, I do and don't worry, I don't feel like a failure. I like making goals whether I accomplish them all or not. Thanks for your tips. I keep a list of favorite meals also. I am just trying to be more consistent. It's not always easy but I am finding it necessary;)

  2. I love making goals and lists. I'm always making lists and spreadsheets to track my goals and progress. :) My goals for this year are similar to yours - more time in the Word, follow my exercise plan to get in shape, and a few others. Thanks for sharing yours! :)

    1. Making goals and lists are so helpful! Glad you can relate!

  3. I, too, am a list maker. In fact, I could have written that first paragraph myself. I pray God will bless your goals as you seek to serve him in all you do. This year I've got a mundane goal, to catch up, but I think it will give a good focus to the entire year.

  4. Love how your goals are categorized. I think making goals helps me stay focus on at least the next step, even if the goal never gets fully accomplished.

  5. Great list of goals, Rebekah! There are times when it does seem to get overwhelming, but I like how you said to focus on Jesus. He makes all things possible. Blessings to you in the new year :)

  6. I love making goals and I love how you categorized your list! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. I love this post making goals is the best, and yours seems to line up with what your blog stands for... I'm glad we could connect. <3 Amanda @uniquleyunfolded {dot} com

  8. I am a goal setter too! I always see a difference in meeting my goals when I write them down, pray over them, and get a few people to help keep me accountable. Our goals are very similar! I only have 2 little ones and am not a fan of working out...even though I should be! I hope you reach all of your goals. Happy to have stopped by and found this post from Intentional at home!

  9. I'm like you, I love setting goals... New years, monthly, weekly, daily etc! I like making lists too. I enjoy reading other people's goals as well... it makes me feel more human and encouraged! Thanks for sharing yours :-)

  10. Meal planning is so tough.. I do okay for a few days--- then I have no time or don't like the meal I've picked out... so we end up off task and starving! Thanks for joining us at 100 HD


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