Our Trip to Virginia

Saturday, December 12, 2015

This year we traveled all the way up to the mountains of Virginia  to have Thanksgiving with our extended family. The farthest we have ever gone with all the kids, is to North Georgia. It  was a big venture for us. Surprisingly the kids all did really well considering the distance we traveled. I shared about how I got ready for the trip here if you are planning to travel for Christmas and could use some tips on surviving with children.

The last part of the trip was of course the hardest. Everyone kept asking every five minutes when we would be there, we all had to go the bathroom and there was no where to go and the winding roads were causing our stomachs to do somersaults. But the view out our windows was breathtaking.  I just loved looking at all the mountains, farms and old houses.

I was so afraid that we were all going to freeze to death going from our 80* degree Florida weather to the bitter cold of 20*. Amazingly enough we all acclimated very well thanks to lots of layers, generous cups of hot chocolate and a great wood stove.

The kids were in their glory running around the mountains like wild hillbilly children; BB gun in hand, hollering and playing to their hearts content, traipsing through the creeks searching for crawfish and building forts. Josh was having the best vacation of his life; hunting every day and stumbling upon a big 12 point buck which is now hanging in his office after having taxidermied it himself.

 I was savoring each day, cooking big breakfasts making lots of aforesaid hot chocolate and big pots of heart warming soups. Since we were literally on top of a mountain, I loved hiking up to the top and looking out over the mountains at the scenic view. It was so refreshing just being able to take a walk and not sweat. The cold weather was really a treat for us Floridians. Though I am not sure we would want to live in it for long periods of time.
We celebrated Simeon's 4th birthday while we were up there. He was very excited to have cranberry pie and a few dinosaurs to party with.

West Virginia was only a couple of miles away so we took a little trip to Seneca Rock with the rest of our family. If I had known what a long hike it was going to be I probably would have chickened out. I love hiking but throw 5 kids into the mix and it's a recipe for crazy. I am really amazed that we all made it up and down the mountain in one piece. It was slow going at times as we struggled to gather up the stragglers and just make it to the top. I don't think we'll be doing that again; at least till the kids are older, but at least we can say we did it!

We had a grand ol' Thanksgiving feast with all our family that put us all to sleep very early that night. I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.( though it might be a tie with Christmas) Good food, family, friends, no worrying about gifts. What could be better? So much to be thankful for!

Everytime we go on vacation I struggle with it living up to my expectations. This trip was no different. I know God is doing a work in my heart and showing me that no experience how ever great will truly fulfill me...only he can. Even though I was ready to go back home, I still didn't want our vacation to end; especially the gorgeous weather. I am continually learning to be thankful for all that God has given me and realize that I don't deserve any of it. For some reason God continues to pour out his grace upon me and give me more than I could have ever hoped for or imagined. I am so thankful for his grace on this sinful soul.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well and were made even more aware at how much we all have to be thankful for everyday!

What's your favorite holiday?

Did you go away for Thanksgiving?

Are you staying home for Christmas or going away?

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  1. What beautiful photos of your sweet family! The Virginia mountains are so beautiful. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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  3. It looks like an amazing weekend away! I love getting away on holiday and even more so going to a different climate to your own. For us it's going from cold climate to warm, but you clearly can do the opposite. The children look to have adjusted so well to the temperature change, lots of gorgeous photos of you all! Thanks so much for linking up with #Whatevertheweather this year, I hope you have a great 2016. Happy New Year! :) x


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