Field Trip: to M.O.S.I -Museum of Science and Industry

Saturday, November 14, 2015

A couple of months ago we went to the Museum of Science and Industry for free Homeschoolers Day. You know me and anything free. I am finally getting around to posting the pictures of our day. 

We met up with one of my friends who homeschools also. I think the kids could have stayed at the big foam building block things all day. Forget all the cool scientific stuff. They just want to play. 

There were some really cool displays. The 3D printer was pretty amazing and of course the boys loved the robotic remote control vehicles.

Simeon was enthralled by the  life size Dinosaur skeletons. Anything dinosaur and he is there! We had to wait a while but the kids finally got into the wind tunnel. Let's just say they were blown away;)

Everyone started doing the "I'm hungry whine about an hour into our trip. Thankfully we packed a lunch and devoured it in no time flat. All that learning and having fun will do that to you.

 If you are local M.O.S.I. has a great discount for homeschoolers which we are hoping to take advantage of soon. Here is a link to the site for more details. Not only do you get year passes for M.O.S.I but discounts to many museums in the area!

Of course one of the biggest hits was the kids seeing their own shadows! Go figure! It was a bit more crowded than I would have liked but all in all it was a fun and very educational time.

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  1. Who's that handsome non-Harris kid in your first photo? ;)

  2. I see some familiar exhibits from our local museum! Looks like fun!! Thanks for linking up at FTF!

  3. That was on our "to do" list on our last Florida trip but we never made it there. We are hoping for a Tampa trip soon so perhaps next time. It sure does look neat!


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