A Day in the Life of a Toddler

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

When Israel( my firstborn who is now 10) was still inside my womb I started a little book, recording how my pregnancy was going. When he was born I tried to write updates of what our days were like, his likes and dislikes, his personality and funny things he did or eventually would say. With each new child I have tried to do the same thing. I haven't been as consistent as I would like but I am happy to have something to look back at and see the kids growth and remember all the cute things they did.

I realized recently that I haven't started one for Luke yet. In my defense, one of the reasons I started this blog was to journal some of our everyday life. This one is for you Luke!

Today is Sunday so of course getting ready for church something is bound to happen. Josh was gone for the weekend so needless to say I had my hands full! I have to say we were able to get ready fairly quickly and the only hitch was that Luke threw a down right fit until I figured out which clothes he wanted to wear. I have come to find that all my children tend to be very particular about certain things. Today it was clothing. I finally figured out he wanted to wear Simeon's dinosaur shirt even though it was way too big for him.

After church I had to stop at Target for some necessities. I put Luke in the cart with a water bottle. I ran into a friend and as we talked I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he had started spilling the water out all over himself and onto the floor. His shirt was soaked so I took it off and used it to wipe up the wet floor until an employee was able to clean it up.

As we got in line Luke proceeded to free himself from his buckle and start taking off the rest of his clothes. He started screaming until I helped him with the rest. I really didn't want a screaming child any longer in the store than everybody else so I helped him strip down to his diaper. We paid for our stuff and high tailed it out of there only to realize as we were leaving that we forgot our bag!

After Target we headed to Michaels for some art supplies that Israel needed. Yes, Luke was still in just a diaper. He kept on getting out of the cart so I let him stand next to me while we looked in the aisle for paints. As Israel and I were looking at paint Luke had decided to fill our cart with about 25 little bottles of paint. Oh boy, this was going to be fun!

Somehow we managed to get out of their alive and with only a few meltdowns. The cashier was sweet and said she loved big families and wish she grew up in one. I wished the same thing when I was younger, but I am sure living out the reality of my dreams now!

We finally made it home and after recuperating I tried to finish a project I have been working on while Luke was sleeping. I had to trace words very carefully onto a board that I had on the floor. As soon as Luke woke up I snuggled him for a bit and then tried to get back to my project. Luke thought it would be a golden opportunity to jump on my back as I kneeled on the floor over my work. Some days you just have to get things done even with a monkey on your back.

Ellie helped me for a little while with my project but got bored and wanted to paint her nails. She soon came back needing nail polish remover. I went and got it for her and a little bit later heard cries of terror. Luke had found where she had left it and yes you guessed it... dumped the whole thing out; removing the paint off of Ellie's dresser and the varnish off my beautiful original wood floors!

As I write this our house reeks of nail polish remover... I am sure we have inhaled more than is good for us. The stench was so powerful that the kids had to sleep in the living room that night.

I tried to air out the room as best I could and had the kids go out in the back yard and play. They sure played hard because they were covered in dirt when they came in. I got them into the bath as soon as I could. As my back was turned Luke decided to unroll all the toilet paper into the toilet. Thankfully I turned around in time to save part of the roll.

Oh Luke, you sure are cute and so much fun but what a little terror you can be! Even in the midst of Luke's craziness he is just the best and we are all crazy about him. Though he keeps me constantly on my toes he keeps me laughing also.
Luke turns two the end of the month so I can only imagine what is in store for us!

Do you have a toddler? 

Can you relate to my day??

What is the craziest thing your toddler has done? 

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  1. This makes me laugh because I am the oldest of 6 and now have three kids 4 years old and under. I totally know what you're going through! Life with little ones is always an adventure. I was trying to think of the craziest thing they've done, but I think I've blocked it all from my memory! Bahaha Too many spills and tantrums to count. But so many snuggles and love to round it out. :) As I'm sure you know! Thanks for linking up with us for Tuesday Talk! -Jess, Sweet Little Ones


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