This week: all things work together for good, insecurities, head colds, best friends and homegrown delights

Saturday, July 11, 2015

This week had a lot of ups and downs. So many awesome things happened and yet I got hit by some hard things in my personal life. You know those kind of things that everyone goes through but you can't share with the whole world. All I know is that God is on the throne and he is working all things together for good.

First off I wanted to let you know that I feel like I have been sort of hiding some things from you that I shouldn't have any fear of sharing. Everyone has insecurities about themselves whether physically or emotionally. One of mine is that I have always had an overbite(the correct term would be overjet but most people aren't familiar with that term)

After wanting braces since I was 13 I finally got them at age 34! I have had bottom partial braces on the top since February but got the last few ones on top this week. So I officially feel like I can say I have braces now. I hope to show a before and after picture some time in a later post though I honestly don't want to. Right now you will just have to take my word for it. I  know they will take some getting used to and until then I feel like I am wearing those bubba teeth from the dollar store. I am working on a post that I hope to share soon of my journey in getting braces as an adult.

The end of the week I got a bad head cold. I know it was due to lack of sleep and stress. I haven't been sick all year! Anytime I am stressed about something I usually lose sleep. I am much more prone to sickness when this happens. Thankfully after trying to get some sleep, giving my worries to God, some apple cider vinegar and  vitamin C tea; I am on the mend.

Of course I would get sick when my dear friend Lyla is coming to visit. Isn't that always the way? We have had a great time though of catching up and enjoying each other's company. We have known eachother since we met at a little Bible College and lived together over 15 years!! Since then we have tried to keep in touch as much as possible. It is hard now that we have our own families and live in different states but God has blessed us with such a beautiful friendship that no matter how long we are apart we always reconnect right away as if no time has passed. I treasure our friendship and am always thankful how God continues to use her to edify and sharpen me and make me laugh uncontrollably!
She came at the perfect time because Josh is on his way to adventure camp with our church's middle schoolers. Israel and Judah are also tagging along. They have been so excited all week. Josh has gone on this trip every summer for 12 years. I have gone once in all those years because I always have little ones to take care of. It is weird without the big boys here. Though I am going to miss them, I know that they are going to have a blast. I am so glad that Lyla and my little guys are here to keep me company.
Oh, I have to share something that I think is so cool, though I know many families have been doing this for generations. We ate sweet potatoes that we grew ourselves and made our own pickles from our own cucumbers! Aren't you as excited as I am?!?! There is something so satisfying about growing and eating your own food!  Josh deserves all the credit for doing most of the work but I most certainly helped to eat our little harvest. The pickles were so easy to make! They are addicting. I could sit and eat a whole jar by myself without even trying!

How was your week? 

Do you have braces as an adult? 

Do you get sick easily when you are stressed or lacking sleep?

What do you do to fight head colds?

Have you ever grown your own food?

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  1. I've been picking green beans and putting them in the freezer. They are so good. Nothing like fresh food. I haven't had much luck with canning pickles.


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