Getting Organized: Bedroom Shelves

Friday, July 31, 2015

You would think I was nesting or something with all the organizing and cleaning I have been doing lately. I have had such an itch to get everything organized and clean for when we start school in full force. Once we start it helps so much to have everything in it's rightful place. Considering all the effort and care that I have to put into homeschooling I guess it could count as an extra child. Whatever is in the water, it has sure been motivating me. I have been inspired by i heart organizing. I love all the helpful ideas and projects!
I had Josh build me these shelves when Luke was on the way. We really needed more storage space in our room and the only place to go was up. I am so thankful I married a handy guy! He did a great job. I did paint them though with the leftover paint from our room. I had intended to organize them all before I had Luke but what ended up happening was placing whatever I could fit on the shelves; helter skelter. This is the reality. I am hoping that they won't go back to looking this way again.
So here we are almost two years after Luke's birth and I am finally getting around to moving things around to make them look pretty and functional. I am not beating myself up too bad; I do have other things higher up on my totem pole.
You see that black cabinet? It has been a thorn in my side ever since Josh brought it home to lock up his hunting guns. I have begged him to move it, but he has refused to budge. I have even moved it myself, only to find it back in it's place. I have finally given up and have made my peace with it, though I should really just spray paint it. I got my shelves so I guess my man can have his gun case. It does give me peace of mind to know all his guns are locked up safe and secure. Most of the baskets hold all of his hunting and hobby paraphernalia. Forget the diapers and baby clothes. I do have one basket reserved for diapers and wet wipes above the changing pad, making it very convenient when changing a poopy diaper.
As we have added on to our family over the years and not our house I have been realizing the importance of getting organized. If I don't, the only other option will be for my head to fall off from all the clutter clogging up my brain. Each year I am slowly conquering different areas in our home; making my life a little easier and our space more efficient and livable.
I find I am way more productive during nap time. I can think much better when my little guy isn't attached to me; disabling me from doing anything. Luke was very considerate and slept soundly while I arranged and rearranged. My room wouldn't be complete without a sweet sleeping baby on my bed.
Israel drew me some beautiful flowers for Mother's Day that I immediately framed. I was looking for just the right place to put them and I think I found it. They bring so much color and joy into the room. I love looking at them everyday! I am so blessed to have such a talented son. I think I am going to hire him to do some more artwork for our home. 

I am so glad I finally got around to organizing these shelves. It didn't take me that long and I love looking at them now. They make the room seem airy and brighter. I am definitely not organized in every area of my life and home but I do love it when some parts are. It's funny how you can talk about doing something forever and never do it. I have been finding that instead of talking and thinking about doing things I just need to start doing them or I never will. Now to tackle the other cluttered spots in the house.

Do you feel the need to get organized before school starts again?

What projects have you been working on or putting off?

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  1. Although I am very blessed right now in this season of min and my husband's life having my daughter, son-in-law and four month old granddaughter living with us, our 1000 sq. ft. ranch is getting cluttered, as baby's things need places to go. Our kitchen cabinets are overflowing trying to fit two families into one. We've been pretty creative in rearranging rooms and then rearranging the room itself.

    But there is something about lots of things in a room, that get on my nerves. I LOVED the idea you shared of "going up". I've seen so many neat DYI shelving using ingenious items that are inexpensive.

    You've certainly given me some food for thought here. :-)

    Your space looks great!

  2. How nice to be together with your family, but I am sure it is hard at times too. So glad you were inspired!

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