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Monday, July 6, 2015

I might have mentioned it before, but I love to run. I didn't always. It has taken a lot of work and perseverance to be able to use the word love and run in the same sentence.

Since I am home with 5 crazy kids everyday I look forward to getting out of the house and running. Let me rephrase that; I NEED to get out of the house. Not only do I like getting exercise and keeping fit but I also really enjoy being able to clear my mind and pray and worship as I listen to my music. I love getting up early in the morning before everyone is up, seeing the sunrise and starting the day off right. I don't always feel like it, especially when I haven't gotten a good night's sleep and some mornings, right when I get out of bed a little person somehow manages to wake up also.

Thankfully I have an amazing husband that knows I need my time by myself and Diego helps out also. I don't always get out everyday but when I do it helps keeps me sane throughout the week.

Summer in Florida is in full force right now. The air has been suffocating. The only time it is bearable to run, is in the early morning. Even then I am pouring sweat. I come back home looking like I ran through a sprinkler. It's days like these that I am jealous of all those still in 60 degree weather. At least we have really nice winters.

Even if you don't run or have to deal with sweat when you walk out of the house, you will want to make one of these head bands. I made a few  couple of months ago and don't go running without them. The most annoying thing when you are in the middle of a run is to have to stop and adjust your shoelaces or headband( or fix a wedgie.) I have never had to mess with these bands. They stay on tight and keep my hair out of my face and sweat from dripping in my eyes. I have a lot of hair and unfortunately it is a frizzy mess most days because of the humidity. Whether I am running, at home or around town these bands help to tame my locks gone wild.

I want to make sure to let you know that I am not great at sewing. I can get easily frustrated when something simple ends up becoming complicated or taking way longer than I thought, but these bands are so easy to make. You really can't mess these up and they take less than 30 minutes to make. So if you haven't sewn in while, dust off your sewing machine and give these a try!

What you will need to make your own:
Adapted from this tutorial from holy-craft that I came across on pinterest;)

-Sewing machine/ thread- black and white
-Ribbon- I used a 1/ and 3/4in. width (where to buy)
-Velvet/or felt- 3/4 in. width (where to buy)
-Elastic-1 cm. width (where to buy)
-Measuring tape

1. Cut your ribbon and velvet 16 in. in length. I laid the ribbon over the velvet to use as my guide.
2. Cut elastic 5in. in length.
3. Trim ribbon to the same width as velvet
4. Pin ribbon and velvet together. Sew along both sides down the length of ribbon and velvet back stitching(going back and forth and couple of times to fortify seam) on the ends.

5. Using lighter, carefully singe the exposed sides of the ribbon and velvet till melted together.The materials will become a little hard on the edges.

6. Pin the elastic between the open bottoms of the now sewn together band. Sew across, double stitching at the ends. Make sure that the elastic isn't twisted around and is sewn to the other end the same way.

7. Singe ends attached to elastic. Now you are done and ready to run!

Here are some great headbands you can purchase if sewing isn't your thing:

Bondi Band Solid Moisture Wicking Headband, Black, One Size

Sweaty Bands Wicked Exclusive Headband, Fuchsia, 1-Inch

4Head Headbands

Do you like to run? 

What do you like to do to stay fit and get out of the house?

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  1. What a cute idea! Thanks so much for sharing it at The Artful Homemaking Link-Up!

  2. I love running also. I don't run nearly as often as I used to, but do try to get out more often now that it's summer in Minnesota!

    I don't like having to mess with anything while running, so these bands look perfect! Especially if they stay in place. Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Talk!

  3. I do not like to run at all lol but I do love this idea! I'm going to make one to keep the hair out of my eyes while driving with the windows down!

  4. Ha ha! Running isn't for everyone but at least you don't have to run to wear a headband;)

  5. What a cute idea... I am not at all a runner; probably couldn't run to the end of the road without dropping if I wanted to but I'm always looking for ways to keep the hair out of my eyes and not have to constantly fix the headband. Pinned!

  6. This is super cute if you are a runner or not. Thanks for sharing with us at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party this week.


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