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Monday, June 8, 2015

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We love living 15 minutes from the beach. We are not those people that live near the beach and never go there. Josh and I met at the beach, got to know each other there and he proposed to me at the beach so you could say it is a special place for us. Sometimes we go all together as a family. Josh and the boys skim board or fish and I usually am following around a toddler. I have tried skimming but haven't done it in so long that I dare not make a fool of myself. Josh and I go there on dates. I love watching the sunset. Most of the time I take the kids there by myself. When I do, there are necessary things we need to take to survive the heat and have fun.

If you live near the beach or are going to the beach for vacation and have big or small children, this list is for you!

1. Puddle Jumpers( Life Preservers)
With so many little kids that can't swim there is no way I could go anywhere near water without these little life savers. Of course I know just because the little ones are wearing these doesn't mean I can rest easy. I never let them get far away from me in the water and I never take my eyes off of them, but they sure give me some peace of mind. Other life jackets just keep their bodies afloat but often submerge their faces. These puddle jumpers always force them to go on their backs and keep their heads above water. It's obvious why these are #1 on my list, especially with little ones who can't swim!

2. Double Stroller
I could not survive going to the beach by myself if I did not have this beast of a stroller. I was blessed to have been given one. It has gone through a lot of abuse but is still standing strong.

3. Water
We drink a lot of water. So instead of buying disposable water bottles all the time we have a Brita water filter and reusable water bottles that we use constantly. The kids are each in charge of their own bottles.

4. My Rainbows
These sandals are the quintessential florida foot apparel. I wear them everywhere. In fact I don't wear much else. They can get wet again and again and still retain their shape and comfort. They can be a bit pricey but they are virtually indestructible and last forever.

5. Swim gear
We got this mask, snorkel and flippers for Israel last year and ever since then he disappears in the water till we leave. He is always finding cool sea creatures and shells.

6. Sunscreen
Protecting our skin is a huge priority when we go out in the sun. The Florida sun is nothing to fool around with. I slather the kids with usually whatever I can find but this natural sunscreen not only protects us from the sun but doesn't put any toxic things into our bodies.

7. Sand tools
Most of the buckets and shovels we have bought in the past have not held up to the use that they have gotten. We have finally had to get the heavy duty stuff. The kids love digging huge holes with this sturdy shovel. We use old paint buckets to fill up with water and sand. The kids always find cool sea creatures and they love putting them in the bucket to look at while we are at the beach. we use this air bubbler to keep them alive while the kids investigate them.

I don't really like to take a lot to the beach because I like to be able to fit everything we need for the beach in my jogger. If the boys want to take extra stuff they have to carry it themselves. Sometimes we decide to go to the beach last minute and it's nice to be able to pack everybody up quickly. I keep an Ikea bag filled with the puddle jumpers, sunscreen, swim diapers and towels so we can be ready to go at a moments notice, because when the weather is beautiful and the waves are need to be ready to answer.

Do you live near the beach?

What are your must haves?

Do you pack light or heavy?
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  1. I agree with all you have except the stroller. I highly dislike trying to push a stroller on sand, so I use my baby carrier. I would also add a chair to sit on, and a blanket for the kids to sit on. And snacks. I love your pictures, looks like you guys are having fun!

    1. I understand about the stroller, it can be a pain but if one of the kids gets tired or falls asleep I would be lost without it, and its great to put all our stuff in. I usually do bring a blanket and a chair, I'll have to add that to the list:) Our beach has so many seagulls that it's hard to eat anything so I leave the snacks in the car and we snack on the way home. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great list of all the necessities. I love that you give your big kids things to be responsible for and that you can pack everything you need into your stroller. Strollers are lifesavers for moms :)

    1. Yes! I wouldn't be able to do anything if the big kids didn't pull their share and I could not survive without my stroller! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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