Stamping with Fruits and Vegetables for Preschoolers

Friday, January 16, 2015

Throughout the day my daughter's favorite question seems to always be,"Mom can we do a really, really cool craft?" Try as I might to facilitate her love for crafts and encourage her love for "the arts" I just can't keep them coming her way fast enough. Just when I think I have found something really cool for her to do she breezes through it and asks for another craft to keep her busy fingers occupied. She would be content to draw, paint, stamp, cut and glitter all day long.

Of course I can not always do amazing crafts with her every single day since I do have to teach her brothers, so I try to find things that she can do on her own without needing too much prep or help from me.

On one such day when she was begging me for a new project to tackle, I noticed that there was a bottom of a lettuce and celery head ready to go to the chickens. Why not use them as stamps? I love the shapes they make that look just like flowers. I found an apple and a lemon that were about to go bad that would work well also. I don't think the chickens will miss them too much.

I simply poured different colors of paint on plates and let Ellie and her brother go to town. They had so much fun and to my relief kept at it for almost an hour! They did get paint all over them but that was nothing a bath couldn't fix. I usually put smocks on them but totally forgot.

If you have a crafty kid at home that is getting bored of the crayons and coloring books; look around the kitchen and see if you have any produce lying around. You might find they are the perfect tools to make works of art!

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  1. Looks great, i haven't done vegetable stamping but looking at your pics I can see we are missing out!

  2. Ahhhh! Rebekah, I LOVE this! Simple and fun and a great way to talk about your fruits and veggies, this goes along PERFECTLY with my garden theme this month! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a fun idea!!! We are so trying this :-)


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