When Christmas isn't merry...there is still hope

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

painting by Israel Harris

I have really been looking forward to Christmas this year. The anticipation is the best part! When I was little I couldn't sleep all night because my little heart was bursting with excitement. I  probably won't get much sleep this year either.

 Now with children of my own, I love seeing them count down the days and get excited about giving and receiving gifts. It's so precious to share in their joy and wonder!

But there were many Christmas' that I didn't look forward to when I was growing up. Many that were hard; that I wanted to get through as quickly as possible.

The Christmas when my Dad died that year.

The Christmas when we didn't have any money for presents.

The Christmas when we were alone.

The Christmas when  family relations were strained.

The Christmas when my mom's health was bad.

I know for many this year, Christmas will be difficult  also.

When a loved one dies.

When money is tight.

When you are all alone.

When family relationships are strained.

When health is bad.

But in Jesus we can still have hope that this Christmas he can:

Bring life after death.

Meet all your needs.

Be with you when no one else is.

Restore relationships.

Sustain you in sickness.

Jesus came to bring us hope and joy in this life not just when we are happy and well but when we experience sorrow and pain. He is the only one who can redeem the hard things in our life and make them into something beautiful.

He delights in taking our difficulties and making us wiser, stronger, meeker and more compassionate through them. Most of all he is glorified when we give him praise despite our circumstances.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas, lets remember that not only did Jesus come into the world as a baby and died on the cross as our Savior but he is coming again as Lord and King to take away all our tears, sickness and death once and for all!

So when all your pain is magnified by the joy you see in others and you are feeling anything but merry; take joy in knowing that Jesus came into this broken and weary world to bring hope...hope of a new life where all will be made new!

"A thrill of hope that weary world rejoices for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn"
- Oh Holy Night

 This Christmas I rejoice in my Savior and the gift of this joyful Christmas. I thank him for the hard ones in the past and I know to come in the future...that make this one all the merrier. 


  1. Love, love, love this. The holidays can be so hard when life isn't going well. Praying for everyone out there experiencing pain this year.

    1. Yes, this time of year when we are having such a great time makes it more evident to me the others who aren't. I pray that God shows us how to reach out and share his hope.

  2. Needed this. This has been a tough year, and an even tougher Christmas. Hubby lost his job in Feb, we lost our house, and we are now living with our 4 kids at my parents' which is causing a lot of stress (can you imagine?). Thanks for this encouragement!

    1. I'm so sorry Dominique...I can imagine that would be very stressful! Praying God gives you his grace and strength during this difficult time and brings you through it!

  3. Oh, wow, Rebekah….you grabbed me with so many of these examples this year. Dad just died. Relational strain and shrapnel. Wow. Bless you. This really ministered to me. Christmas blessings from #EspressosOfFaith!


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