Our Christmas

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This Christmas was memorable, fun, beautiful, delicious, priceless, messy and exhausting!

It started out with Israel our oldest coming into our room at 3:30 saying he couldn't sleep; we promptly told him to go back to bed. It wasn't long till the rest of the house was restless and at 5:30 we were wakened to very excited children jumping on our bed asking if they could open presents yet.

We needed some more sleep so we told them to come back and wake us up at 7:00. Precisely at 7 we were greeted once again and agreed it was time! But before we opened presents Josh read the Christmas story and we all prayed... I think this was my favorite moment of the day.

 Let the unwrapping begin!

                             Judah wanted fishing tackle  and Israel wanted Lego's of course!
                                                               The aftermath...
After we opened our presents we went over to my husband's parents with all of his 7 siblings and their families!! It was crazy, fun and so precious to all be together!
 Afterwards we went over to Josh's 96 year old grandpa's(great papa) and sang Christmas songs...what a blessed time!
Then from there we went home for a little bit and then set out for my sister and brother in law's an hour away in the country. We had such a fun time!

 This girl wants to be just like her mommy and it just melts my heart...she wanted a sling and a phone for Christmas...just like me.

                 The grandma's cleaning up...I have to admit I was happy to just watch this time;)

                                                                  My beautiful sister.
Like father, like son.

                                                      Beautiful way to end the day.

At the end of the day I was tired, thankful, full of food, filled with love and hope because of the gift of Jesus.
I hope you were too.

                                "Every good and perfect gift is from above" James 1:17


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