His mercies are new every morning even when its a crazy one!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

So far this morning I turned the wrong burner on and almost burnt down the house, dropped an egg on the floor, had to come between two squabbling siblings, convinced a whiny, very particular 3 year old that the green cup was dirty but a an orange one is just as good, cleaned up a spilled cup of water that somehow managed to cover the entire table and floor and wrangle  2 distracted boys into doing their chores.  
So thankful I spent time in God's word this morning! I need him at the start of every busy morning and the end of every long day. He is faithful to keep us and give us his strength and mercy for each new day  and all the craziness in between!

How is your morning going?

Did you get time in God's word yet?

If not take comfort in knowing his love never ceases and his mercies never come to an end for you!

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