Recap of our first day back homeschooling

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

As you might have noticed I have been very quiet this summer, enjoying not having the extra responsibility of school, soaking up the sun, taking lots of naps and busy catching up with friends and family...its been great!

Summer, as always went by way too fast! So here we are already with 2 school days under our belt!

I have been dreading it and  looking forward to it at the same time. I seem to accomplish more when I have a schedule and the kids do better too. It will also be good for me to have and excuse to say no to extra things. But I sure will miss summer!

  Somehow the days seem to magically have more hours in them when I know I HAVE to get a certain amount of things done in these short 24 hours we are given.

During the summer I kept thinking, " How on earth am I going to teach school when my days are so full now??" But here I am teaching a 4th, 2nd grader, Pre-Ker, running after a 2 year old and 8 month old and  barely managing to still feed, clothe and keep them alive!

 Am I the only one whose heart starts palpitating at the thought of trying to teach school? Maybe there is something wrong with me? But God is stretching me and I am learning to be flexible and moldable. I am starting to feel pretty flabby by now ;P  Here is my story of how God has worked in my heart to start and continue on our homeschool journey.

So here is what our first day back looked like:

Starting the day out right with the life giving word of God, I can't survive without it! ( excuse my leg)

Not long after our chaotic devotions I found this guy had covered the bathroom in artwork. ( Thank goodness they were washable markers) And this was after I just explained to him that we only color on paper. I think his punishment was fitting to his crime! ( Later on I found him with one of the boys pocket knives....Lord help us!) It sure is hard to get mad at him when he is so darn cute!

Luke enjoyed finding little pieces of crayons and paper attempting to digest them, he also finds dinosaurs tasty ;D

Boy was it hard keeping these guys still and focused!! They get distracted so easily! I think they get it from me! I know its going  take a while for them and I to get used to our new routine, so I am desperately trying  not  to  freak out  and put too much pressure on them and myself....but its really hard!!!
 Do your kids think they are the only ones on earth who are subjected to this torture called reading and writing? I happened to love it when I was in school... but no, not these guys( unless they are writing about pooping or reading fish, star wars and Lego books.)

  Somehow managed to put together a Lunch of Champions.

Then we decided we needed some ice cream to top lunch off.. we deserved it after all that hard work!

Luke sure liked his first taste and has been wondering where this has been all his life!

  This girl!  She loves learning her letters, numbers and doing crafts! I have a feeling she is going to be a lot easier to teach then the boys...but she sure is spunky!

This guy is a trip...

This boy has gotten too big! Was he ever really my baby?

Yeah they are all goofballs...

What can I say... I just love these kiddos and am truly thankful they are mine and I get to teach them and experience this journey with them however crazy it may be! 

Phew... we did it! I am exhausted!  Now we have to do it all over again...178x!

How was your first day of school??

Is this your first time homeschooling?


  1. Love all of your sweet kiddos pictures… and that one of them drew on the wall… so real!
    Love following the home school adventures!
    Thanks for linking up with WYWW! :)

  2. Thanks Stasia!! Yes we are very real around here;P

  3. Thanks for linking up at Our Days!! I love the sweet pictures of your little one wanting to join in. :) Great memories are being made! I'm pinning this one to the homeschool boards for sure. :)


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