After Giving Birth: Part 2, Eat Like A Pig

Monday, March 31, 2014

Believe it or not, soon after I had my 4th baby my husband brought home 2 baby pigs he found out in the woods. Right then and there I informed him that I already had a  baby to take care of and that I was not going to be feeding them also. They were his responsibility! But I found myself more often then not drawn to their piggy squeals. I scoured the fridge for as many leftovers as I could find. Once there was any food in their reach they devoured it and gave full proof to their reputation as hearty eaters. The sucking and squealing noises that came from them were exactly what you would expect to hear from hungry pigs! Newborn babies sound very like those little guys when they are sucking and rooting for milk! I find myself calling them little piggy's also!

These  cute little bottomless pit's appetites were never satisfied.( Just in case your confused I am talking about the pigs;) They would scarf down any and everything!  As you might imagine we did not keep them long because they were literally eating us out of house and home!

I think I can be justified in saying bringing home a newborn baby is somewhat similar to feeding those baby pigs.

 Not only is your baby wanting to be fed 24/7 but you are going to be ravenous as well!

Your milk will not come in for 3 or 4 days at least and until then your baby will be drinking your colostrum which is the perfect starter food for baby. It is rich in antibodies and low in fat. I could go on and on about it, because it is amazing stuff but I wont because it will take too long! Lets just say God knew what he was doing when he created us to feed our new born babes.

The only complaint I have with it is that it is hard work to get out. You are going to be a full time feeding pump to your baby and they are going to be sucking it out of you non-stop until your milk comes in, so make sure you are comfortable and being taken care of. I never even bothered keeping track of my feedings because once I stopped they started again!

Remember this only lasts a couple of days. As soon as your milk comes in they will stay fuller longer and nurse for shorter amounts of time.

I have been extremely blessed to have been able to nurse all my babies without any complications or problems. Its just how it has worked out for me and I am so thankful! But I understand that is not the case for everyone. If this is so for you I am sorry but know that the most important thing is that your baby is getting nutrition, whatever form.

The best thing I heard after I started nursing was that once I put that baby to my breast I was going to burn 300-500 more calories a day!!! That's like working out everyday!!! My metabolism was in high gear ready to shed off those extra french fries, burgers and coke I had during pregnancy. Your metabolism will be too if you are able to breastfeed!!!

After each baby I have had I am always starving! Food tastes SO GOOD!!! Pregnancy has nothing on Breastfeeding munchies and cravings!!! 

You are going to need to fuel up on food as your baby is sucking all the nutrients out of you.

The first thing I want is a big smoothie and then I want  me some MEAT!

I have been very blessed to have meals brought to our family by our women's ministry at church and also friends and family. It is so nice to not have to worry about cooking for a couple of weeks and have more time to enjoy the baby. If family and friends are kind enough to offer meals make sure to take advantage of it!

I have to admit after baby is outside of me I am ready to take possession of my body back! I really look forward to getting back into my clothes and feeling fit and in shape. But I have learned that there is no rush. God made our bodies to naturally go back on their own.( of course exercising helps!)

You might not believe me but after I had my baby I was skinnier then when I got married! My hips might have changed but that little person seemed to just suck the fat out of me literally! I did run when I could but I didn't do anything crazy and I DID NOT diet! I ate balanced good sized meals and I  have always  had a sweet tooth when I am not pregnant.

I know everyone's bodies are different but this is just how it has worked for me and I realize I am very blessed. But I do want to say that after 2 months are up I do put extra effort into working out and shedding those extra pounds that didn't come off from nursing. 

I have been reminded with our latest addition that one of my first priorities in this newborn season (besides feeding the rest of my family, but they usually can fend for themselves;) is to feed the baby...and myself. I actually look forward to nursing and make a big deal out of it. You should to! Make sure you have something to drink, because once they start drinking you will be so thirsty. Like I mentioned earlier smoothies are the best for quenching thirst and getting lots of nutrients! If not a smoothie then at least have water or juice near by.  I  am thankful for my husband and kids who when handy can get me a drink if I forget to ahead of time.

Find a comfy spot where you can put your feet up, read or watch t.v...or just watch your beautiful baby! Since I am on my feet a lot so I take full advantage of milking up this time when I have a very good excuse to be sitting down. You do too! Enjoy it!

Once my babies turn into toddlers and the weaning process begins it is bittersweet. I am sad that they are not babies anymore and will miss our special time of boding but  I am excited to see them grow! I truthfully am usually ready sooner then they are to stop nursing. But when they are brand new snuggled contentedly at my breast I want time to stand still... and have a good excuse that I can eat like a pig!

What's your experience with nursing? Was it frustrating, or did it come very naturally?

Did you discover  new taste buds and cravings after giving birth?

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  1. Loved this!! I am expecting our fourth right now and agree with everything you shared! I always joke that I am hungrier and have more cravings while breastfeeding than I did while pregnant. :) Excited to have found your blog from the Mama's Story link-up! Blessings, Katie.

    1. Thanks Katie!!!:) I am going to check out your blog!


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