Last Minute Christmas Gifts to Make for and with Kids

Friday, December 20, 2013

This Christmas I had envisioned having all my presents  bought, made, wrapped and  under the tree while enjoying all the festivities before the big day,(read more here) but somehow time got away from me( or maybe I procrastinated). It might have had something to do with just having a brand new baby! (who is snuggled up on me now:)

We have a really big extended family, which I love! But buying presents for them is not in our budget so I try to get creative and make as much as I can. Being that my time is limited I have opted for things that do not require a lot of it and that the kids can help with.

We usually give family gifts which  include something the whole family can use and our honey that my husband harvest from our own bees. But the kids really wanted to give their cousins presents, so I found this easy and inexpensive recipe for flubber that the kids had fun making.


The kids had fun making and playing with this
flexible dough.
store in airtight containers

we added the food coloring too late so the color is very muddled. Make sure you add it before you put the borax in!

They have been so excited about receiving presents that I was thrilled to help them in giving.

Our Charlie Brown tree, we cut off of our property. I have no idea what is in most of those presents.

I have been surprised how many gifts there were under the tree since Daddy and I only wrapped a few so far. I found out they have been going around the house looking for things they could wrap up and give to each other. I think they just like wrapping and opening things. Maybe next year I will just wrap some of their toys they have forgotten about...they would probably be just as excited.


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