Homemade Belly Balm

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I don't know about you but I really don't like stretch marks! They just don't compliment my skin. Unfortunately I do have some and have learned to embrace them as my earned beauty marks of being a mother,  but I wouldn't miss them if they were gone. So when its that time again for me I try to lather my belly up to help resist those little marks from popping up. Though there is no magic lotion to guarantee that you won't get them, I say do what you can to prevent them.

I had planned to make some belly lotion in the beginning of my pregnancy but just never got around to it,(hmm.. I wonder why?) so I just used coconut oil. I love coconut oil and it works great but I wanted to incorporate a powerhouse of natural skin repairing ingredients into my very stretched abdomen.   So... the day before I finally had my baby I found some time to make it. Well at least I got to use it on my baby belly for one day!

It really doesn't take long to make and is so easy!

Though my little guy is on the outside now I still use the lotion on my post partum tummy, face and body. It works great!

It is so moisturizing and healing!

Here's how you make it:


1/2 c .Coconut oil- great at repairing injured and damaged skin tissue
1/4c. Shea Butter- helps beautify, heal and protect skin
1/8c. Cocoa Butter- very moisturizing and loaded with skin protective properties
2 Tbs. Beeswax-
1 Tbs. Vitamin E oil blend- heals, nourishes and protects skin

I doubled the recipe for myself but this should make enough to fill a baby jar.

I used coconut oil from mountain rose herbs
I purchased the shea butter from amazon
The Cocoa butter I bought from a local herb store but you could buy it on amazon also
The beeswax is from our own bees, but if you don't happen to have your own apiary then you could also buy some from amazon
I used  Jason vitamin E oil bend, you can purchase it at your local health store or online

1) Simmer some water in a pot and put a glass bowl on top to melt your ingredients in.

2) Add first 4 ingredients and when melted add vitamin E oil

3) Pour into container

4) Let cool and harden

It should look like lip balm, disappear into your skin and have a nice soft consistency.  You can add an essential oil if you like but I love the smell of the coconut oil and shea butter. I am not to big a fan of the smell of the cocoa butter but its effects on diminishing and preventing stretch marks are worth it.

That's it!!

Enjoy your baby bump and body with this softening and healing balm! ( minus the stretch marks!)

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