Fall Fun

Saturday, November 2, 2013

All year long the kids look forward to dressing up for the fall festival. What should they be? What should they wear? Decisions.. decisions....

I get excited too and have fun helping them choose and make their costumes.
Judah was the turtle man... which fits him perfectly because he love anything to do with critters
Simeon fit into Judah's old Robin Hood outfit that I made for him 2 years ago...he's just happy he got a prize for being so cute!
Ellie kept changing her mind about what she wanted to be, so I gave her a little help, deciding on Red riding hood

There is a small church in our area that hosts a yearly fall festival. My husband and his family have been going there every year since he was small. Its fun to carry on the tradition with our children.

They hold  a costume contest for each age group and this year I had a child in almost everyone! They all won prizes except for my clone trooper...he was pretty disappointed especially since he worked the hardest on his outfit. I know it was a good lesson for him to have a good attitude and learn that not everyone can win but I felt so bad for him that I went out and got him a prize. What can I say I am a sucker for a wounded heart.

Along with the anticipation for the costume contest was their excitement over winning candy. They had numerous fun games where they had to earn their candy. I usually bag up their booty and hand it out sparingly so it will last them quite a while; I am tempted to just get rid of it all, but I know I will never hear the end of it.

I think one of  the best parts of being a child... for that matter an adult, is the excitement and
What!? No more candy?!
anticipation of looking forward to fun events. I usually like to spare my children disappointment and not
tell them things until I am sure they are going to happen... so I am not hounded to death. I have to say though that I love seeing their eyes light up with excitement over the simple pleasures in life... even if it means having to deal with  my kids on a sugar high for a couple of weeks.

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