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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hunting season has started here in Florida and that means my husband will be gone a lot more on the weekends. Though I miss him, I am looking forward to some fresh venison in the crockpot soon!

Being 7 months pregnant I am limited as to what I can do with the kids and I don't like being cooped up with them all day long when we don't have to do school. I have always enjoyed yard saleing and have bribed the kids to like it also by giving them a little money to buy something.

My mom's neighborhood has a biyearly yard sale that the kids love going to mostly because they have like 6 bounce houses and slides set up. It was only $3 for an unlimited wrist band! Needless to say they got a lot of energy out!

My plan was for them to be pooped out but I think I was the one who was the most pooped! Just standing and watching them in the scorching heat did me in. Thank goodness my mom was there to help me keep an eye on them and give me a break to go look around.

Unfortunately I have come home from yard saleing with a lot of things that I have ended up donating to a thrift store, so I have determined to only buy things that I really need and like. Its just so tempting sometimes when I see a good deal to pass it up even if I don't need it. But I am learning. My son Israel is really into legos and they get very pricey so we were hoping to find some. We ran into some friends and told them we were looking for legos and they had just found some! We rushed to see if there were any more and to my son's delight there were!

Though it was a mixed bag of legos, he managed to make a pretty cool star wars ship.

There was free face painting also! Ellie made a very cute kitty cat!

I didn't come home with any great finds but was happy the kids had fun! It's always nice to come home after being tired out. We all took naps and then after dinner made this yummy chocolate mouse.
The kids wanted cookies  after dinner but I didn't feel like cleaning up a mess so this was a much quicker and cleaner option. I just whipped up some heavy cream, added some sugar, melted chocolate and ricotta.  It satisfied all our sweet tooths!

 After putting the kids to bed I am ready for a good mystery movie.

What do you like to do on Saturdays?

What do you do to keep the kids occupied when your hubby is gone?

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