All In One Homemade Sunscreen and Diaper Cream

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I have been researching making my own  natural sunscreen and diaper cream and it dawned on me they contain most of the same ingredients...why not make some for both uses!

With the arrival of my new baby soon to be upon me and many baby showers to go, diaper cream will be great to have in my arsenal. I have made it many times  before but have added a few new ingredients this time.

My kids have been blessed somehow with very rash resistant bums but for the times they have gotten them its been great to have a diaper cream that I feel good about putting on their little hineys.

As for the is a necessity... we live in Florida; aka the sunshine state. Even though summer is almost over the sun here hasn't gotten the message.

We usually only put it on when we go to the beach or are going to be out in the sun all day, but I would much rather use a sunblock, knowing all the ingredients in it are helping to protect us instead of adding more harm to our skin. I know that some think its better not to put anything on your skin but believe me if I didn't put any protection on me and my children we would be burnt lobsters. When we go to the beach we stay for a couple of hours and the times we have forgotten sunscreen, their has been much pain and tears!

What you will need:
 1c. Coconut oil- speeds healing, fights infection and has an spf of 4
1/2c. Shea butter- has healing and antioxidant benefits and spf of 6- I use raw, organic
2 tbs. Beeswax-  adds waterproofing element, add more for thicker texture
1/4c. Arrow root - a natural root starch used to thicken also used to treat sunburn and heal skin and pain irrtitation( add more or less depending how thick you want the consistency to be)
2 tbs. Zinc Oxide powder-  one of the most effective and safest ingredients for healing  and protecting the skin, insoluble in water, has an spf of 20+ add more for higher spf
 2tbs.Vitamin E oil-promotes healing, protects skin
 1/4c. Calendula petals(optional) -speeds skins healing and also has antibacterial powers

You can buy most of these ingredients at, amazon or your local health or herb store. I usually buy my coconut oil  and shea butter in bulk since it is so versatile and cheaper in bulk.

You could always add any essential oil you like to the mix to add extra fragrance but I like the natural smell of the ingredients already. Stay away from citrus oils as they can attract the sun.

If you  want to make a basic lotion, just take out the zinc powder.

This also will work for you if you use cloth diapers.

When using as a sunscreen, you will need to reapply often, if you are out for a long period of time or in and out of the water.

I made a big batch, enough to fill about 6 baby jars, but you can cut the recipe in half. I always figure I might as well make enough to last me a while and to give away.

I love that I can use this recipe for versatile purposes! You can make this as simple or complicated as you want. I have made diaper cream before with only coconut oil, shea butter and arrowroot before and it has served its purpose. Its up to you how much protection  and healing properties you want. Get creative and find out what works for you!

What to do: 

Melt coconut oil in a bowl over a boiling pot of water(double boiler) Add Calendula petals now if you want to use them, let them steep in the coconut oil for about an hour and then strain. I just used a fork to fish them out. Make sure heat is on low so as not to evaporate all the water or boil over.

Add shea butter and beeswax to coconut oil. Heat until melted. Let sit until cooled and thickened.

Beeswax from our very own bees!

Next add your Zinc Oxide powder and arrowroot till you are happy with thickness. Add vitamin E oil. You can use a hand mixer or just mix by hand.

Pour into jars.

I love the consistency I got, its creamy and thick but goes on nice and smooth and disappears as you rub it in.

Now you will be prepared to go out in the sun or fight a sore baby bum!


  1. Thank you for this recipe and tutorial! I'll be mixing up a batch of this for our newest grandbaby arriving this winter.

  2. Congratulations Linda! Hope it's helpful!


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