Making Christmas Presents in July

Friday, July 26, 2013

Every November it suddenly dawns on me that Christmas is around the corner. You'd think I would
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have noticed a little earlier especially since the stores start putting Christmas decorations out in  September!

 I always say I am going to prepare earlier each year but it usually comes down to a few weeks before Christmas. Its just hard to get in the mood any earlier for me.

I do start yard saleing and picking up a few gifts here and there when I see a good deal. Sometimes I find things brand new still in their packages and if not who says gifts have to still be packaged if they are in good shape? At least the kids don't care, I think they just like opening presents!

 I really do enjoy making gifts but always neglect to add up the time it takes to make 20 plus people individual gifts, so this year I have determined to start early... really early... like now, so I can enjoy the process and not be up the night before Christmas frantically trying to finish my last minute gifts.

Israel lost in a pile of presents
Because once November is here I will be right dab in the thro's of the school year and I will be having a brand spank'n new baby to keep tabs on let alone 4 other little offspring to keep me on my toes. I don't need to stress myself out and try to even think that I will be making anybody anything.

So I have determined this year I will not be caught off guard... I will be armed and ready!

Now I know Christmas is about Christ, celebrating his birth and the gift of salvation he has given to us! Enjoying our family and friends, giving and getting gifts and of course good food is just an extra bonus!

But it can be easy to get  caught up in the hype of buying things just because we feel its expected and the media tells us we need to.

Lets face it, most of us simply can not afford to buy everyone on our lists what is on the shelves of the store, I certainly can't and I am thankful most of my friends and family  love getting homemade presents and don't mind those from yard sales.

Though I have to say a few good gift cards are life savers when you are in a pinch and who doesn't like gift cards?... I know I do.

 For now summer is upon us; for the most part my days are not too busy or stressful and I actually would like to have some projects going while I have this extra precious time. I have been pinning ideas through out the year on pinterest and now I can put them to good use.

Here's a few of the ideas I am going to get started on and hopefully have done even before November; have nicely wrapped and tucked away ready for the much anticipated day.

I have included all the links to these great gift ideas.  There are only 2 ingredients in this shampoo: honey and olive oil! What could be easier? I probably could do this the night before Christmas. I am glad I shopped early though and found containers just like these for less then 25 cents each at target!!
I am blessed to have a husband that is a beekeeper, I don't do much but enjoy the honey, sell it and look for ways to put it to use in our food and now products for our body and home. I understand that you might not all have beekeeper husbands and honey and beeswax can be expensive, but if you can buy it in bulk it will be worth it!

I was given a whole bag of fleece that will make plenty  of these. Hopefully it will get cold this winter...I live in Florida, so you never know. Who doesn't use lotion and want the best possible ingredients to go on their bodies? 
These hats are so cute!! and I am sure will be really quick and easy to make(if you can crochet); either for adults or children.

I love this recipe for peppermint lip balm. I made a big batch a few christmas' ago but I think I will make it again this year. I use it all year long!
This is one of my favorite finds on pinterest. Its so easy to make, inexpensive, works great and I have all the ingredients on hand! I know my girl friends will love it along with a natural makeup item.

Notice that most of the gifts I have picked to make are ones that my female family and friends will appreciate, my husband will take care of the guys.

I also tried to find ideas for gifts that I know my loved ones will not only like but need, there is nothing worse then getting a gift you don't need or want, well maybe there is but you get what I mean.

I hope you become inspired to find the time to put some thought and creativity into your Christmas and  birthday gifts this year; have fun and save money while your at it!


  1. rebekah hey what do u know i am sort of started on this blog thing....havent yet figured it all out yet but im glad to be one of ur followers.....u r super talented :) love ur prayer partner

  2. the first pic with the Christmas tree looks to me like ur house and absolutely ur style

  3. my dear friend!!! i am so honored that you are following me! you need your own blog:)


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