The Oxymoron of Christ

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Innocent and pure you became stained and defiled with my sin.
My guilt was so deep, my heart so wicked that you had to step in.

Lord and creator you gave up your rights.
You suffered in the dark, even though you were the Father of lights.

Wise and all knowing, you were made to look like a fool.
You were rejected and disgraced yet you kept your cool.

The richest of Kings, you dined with the poor.
You gave up your throne so they could have more.

Master and Savior you became a servant to all.
Humbling yourself to those who at your feet should fall

Powerful and Mighty, you became a helpless babe.
The ones that carried you, you would one day save.

Faithful and True, you were betrayed and denied.
You were handed over to death, by those for whom you died.

Father and Friend you were left all alone.
You were mistreated by those whose sins you would atone.

Loving and Kind you were hated and despised.
You continually held out your hands to a world that is never satisfied.

Undeserving and Wicked, you did this all for me.
You took my place on the cross and exchanged your glory for my eternity.

-Rebekah Harris

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  1. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. Is there music to this? Thank you for sharing. A great reminder that I look forward to reading again and again.

  2. thanks katie! what a wonderful savior we serve! no there is no music, but maybe someday...

  3. Beautiful poem, Katie! It's always a pleasant surprise to open a post and be greeted with rhythm and rhyme. Thank you for sharing at Grace & Truth!

  4. Thank you Kaylene! I definitely felt the Holy Spirit inspiring me! It's Rebekah;)


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