Sunday, February 24, 2013

I don't know about you but its so hard for me to get rid of things but since I have a small house I can not possibly keep everything! So I have been diligently trying to purge my house of things we do not use or need.

 It's amazing how much stuff we have that I was SURE we would need, and has just been sitting around taking up space. I never realized how many memories I had attached to my clothing!

Ohhh.. I remember that shirt I wore it when Josh proposed to me.

Wow... I still have those pants? They are huge, look how much weight I lost!

 I have had that skirt forever! I can't believe I still fit into it!

 Aww.. that little onesie is so cute! All the kids have worn it, I better keep it just in case we have more.

And it goes on and on.

 I know once I bag up the stuff and drop it off at the thrift store I will not even remember if you have this same problem, take my advice... if you don't use something, bag it up and quickly get rid of it. It has to be a quick clean cut or else you will start thinking and you know where that leads to?

All this  is to say I am so glad when I can take something I can't use anymore and make it into something I can. I saw these cute easy skirt ideas at I am all about easy and quick. I like to see results instantly! I wan't it now! I know though that things of value and quality take time.  Even easy things take a bit of time. So learn from my mistakes don't rush through it or it will take more time fixing your mistakes!

Make sure you are in the right frame of mind, your house is not calling you to clean it and your kids are not running around with sharpies or throwing things in the toilet.  I find I always end up frustrated when I try to do a project that I started at the wrong time. Okay, you have been warned.

I was so excited how nice  mine came out!  I think I just might wear it every day, its so comfy! Okay so I didn't make the skirt from old clothing( the material was on sale at Joann's Fabrics and I got the elastic at a yard sale) but I thought hey, I have some old clothes of Ellie's that are too small for her that I could transform.
The skirt was a dress that I cut the top off that didn't fit Ellie anymore and I thought I could use the elastic on the hoodie for the waistband.

 No, we can not always keep everything but its great when you can take two things you don't need and make them into one thing you do. I think these two pieces were meant to be together, Ellie agrees also...  and who can resist cupcakes!


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